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Farmed in the Pacific Northwest, Simple Goodness Sisters syrups capture the intense, pure flavors of a season and naturally preserve them. We grow the majority of the ingredients for the syrups on our family farm in Buckley, WA, and source whatever we can’t grow with intention, supporting others using ethical growing practices. The syrups are made from scratch in small batches in Washington state using recyclable packaging.

With the greatest respect to the ingredients we toil over, the syrups begin on the Cocktail Farm and head to the kitchen at the Soda Shop, where an infusion of whole fruits, herbs, and spices is added to organic cane sugar and water. Infused with exact timing for maximum flavor, the syrups are deeply flavorful and nuanced, showcasing the unique subtleties of all ingredients. No preservatives, dyes, concentrates, or other additives are ever used to make our products. Our respect for our time-honored craft is evident in each bottle of pure and delicious syrup. Simple Goodness Sisters syrups are a true simple syrup, with a 50/50 mix of water and sugar, so that they may be easily substituted in hundreds of classic cocktail recipes calling for simple syrup, sugar cubes, or grenadine.

A fundamental belief of the Simple Goodness Sisters is that everyday is worth celebrating, and everyone deserves an invite to the party. This is why Simple Goodness Sisters products are intentionally family friendly, always alcohol free, and packaged as drink syrups rather than "mixers,"so that you may mix your drinks however you like, for whomever you like. The syrups are equally enjoyed on desserts such as ice cream and pound cakes, and breakfast items such as waffles, pancakes, and overnight oats.



Enliven your drink routine by bringing the Simple Goodness Cocktail Farm to your glass! Imagine you're taking a tour through a bountiful garden, stepping between rows bursting with sweet, savory, floral and herbaceous plants, when you're handed a fragrant cocktail, freshly mixed from those same ingredients. Now imagine having that drink experience from the comfort of your home, guided by sisters Venise, a farmer, and Belinda, a bartender, who grow all natural, preservative-free drink mixers on their 10 acre cocktail farm.

With every Cocktail Farm Club release, you'll experience the best of each season's harvest through micro-batches of our garden to glass mixers and garnishes. You'll also be supporting our family farm at the foothills of Mount Rainier, WA, where we farm using regenerative agriculture practices. The Cocktail Farm Club is our farm's version of a traditional farm share CSA or like a cocktail mixer "wine club." Each release allows for a variety of drink variations, and will include recipes and drink education so you can become a garden to glass mixologist at home.

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