Simple Goodness Sisters launched as a brand in 2018, but it could be argued that it began far before that, when the sisterhood began. Venise and Belinda grew up in a blue collar, entrepreneurial family in Western Washington. The sisters were modeled a can-do, DIY attitude that encouraged making things you could be proud of, even if you had to do it the hard way, dreaming openly, and taking risks to follow those dreams. These values permeate the business today.


Belinda is born and the sisterhood begins! The sisters grow up watching the women around them grow gardens and preserve the produce they grow. Stories from their grandparents' family farms, and the pragmatism and respect for hard work that accompany farm life are passed down to the girls. The family is big and boisterous on both sides, and family gatherings are full of fun, cheap beer, and fantastic cooking. It all leaves a big impression.


The sisters study entrepreneurship behind the counter at the family business, the Millwork Outlet. They each take turns selling doors and windows at the shop owned by their dad and uncles to pay the bills. They learn how to tell stories from their dad Dan, a architecture student turned woodworker and business man who knows how to sell dreams, not just construction supplies. The same sales counter is now the retail display at the Soda Shop.


Venise attends college at Montana State University and Washington State University, and lives for a time on a cattle ranch in Northeast Montana, igniting a lifelong love for wide open spaces and agriculture. Belinda attends college in Portland, OR, working in restaurants to help with rent, and begins to fall in love with cooking.


Venise and her husband Ross begin renovating their first little homestead and begin collecting Nigerian Dairy goats. Venise helps lead little sister Kate's 4-H group, and starts a blog to chronicle the progress of building their farm life. Venise introduces Belinda to her husband's friend and former roommate, Troy. The sisters hadn't planned on growing up, marrying friends and raising their babies together, but that's what happens.


Venise and Ross purchase Simple Goodness Farm, previously a dairy farm. They fill the pastures with animals, refurbish the barns, and plant an acre of heirloom varieties of garlic, which they begin selling each year at their Garlic and Goats festival.


Belinda is working at Microsoft and Venise at Redfin, both in Human Resources, when Belinda decides to quit the corporate world after the birth of her first son, Henry. She launches a mobile bar company with a seasonal, garden inspired menu and Troy helps her renovate a 1957 Aladdin "canned ham" camper. The Happy Camper Cocktail Company serves the greater Seattle area and becomes a runaway hit, winning 5 star reviews, celebrity clients, and Best of Bar from Seattle Bride for the next 4 years.


Belinda’s first event with her newly formed mobile bar company, the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, features a Rhubarb Vanilla Bean syrup made with fruit she’d convinced Venise, to grow for her. 1,000 guests are served over the weekend and rave about the syrup, even offering to carry it in their stores. Venise, who was helping Belinda with the event, recognizes the opportunity and spends the next year researching food businesses and convincing Belinda to bottle up the recipes.


Three flavors of Simple Goodness Sisters syrups launch at PROOF Distilling festival, Seattle. Rhubarb Vanilla Bean, Marionberry Mint, and Huckleberry Spruce Tip are the first flavors released and receive strong reviews. The fanfare and sales convince the sisters to expand the product line and increase production. The Simple Goodness Cocktail Farm is planted in edible flowers, herbs, and fruits to support the syrup production.


Regulatory agencies require Belinda to purchase her own commercial kitchen in order to grow the cocktail catering business. Venise finds property in nearby Wilkeson, a historical café, bar, and Soda Fountain. A dream forms to build a space that could house a production and tasting room facility for syrups, a kitchen for the catering business, and a showroom for Dan's woodworking. Grandma Nancy, the sister's paternal grandmother, agrees to loan the purchase price. Renovations begin on the 100 year old building.


The sisters grow the syrup business to include 6 unique flavors, floral salt and sugar rimmers, recipe books, and a social media presence that encourages drink making and gardening in equal measure. The wholesale branch of the business is launched in 2020. A "CSA for cocktails" subscription service, the Cocktail Farm Club, launches in 2021.


The Simple Goodness Soda Shop opens in the middle of a global pandemic. The most family friendly bar you’ve ever been to or the booziest ice cream shop, the Simple Goodness Soda Shop is an off-farm, agritourism destination, where guests can taste the syrups through the seasonal drinks and light food menu and purchase all Simple Goodness Sisters products. It is also a functional showroom, furnished in Dan's custom furniture.

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