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Do you sell wholesale? How can I become a retailer?

Shop our wholesale products on Faire with nationwide shipping. We are distributed in the Pacific Northwest via Crown Pacific Fine Foods.


Where should I store my syrups?

The syrups are shelf stable before opening so show them off on your bar cart! Once the seal is broken and the cap is opened, they need to be refrigerated. Syrups are all-natural with no added preservatives, so they must stay cold.

How long do syrups last once they’re opened?

Most customers tell us their syrups disappear quickly! After storing your syrups in the fridge after opening, give them a sniff test before use at the 4-6 week mark - that said, we’ve had folks report they’ve enjoyed theirs much longer.

To prolong the life of your syrup,add a splash of vodka or fine strained lemon juice. The syrups can also be frozen, just take care not to freeze the glass bottles or else the syrup can expand when freezing and break the bottle. One trick we love is freezing the syrups in ice cube trays for a perfect portion for your next drink!

Are the syrups gluten free, organic, kosher, etc?

All syrups and floral rimmers are made with organic cane sugar, water, fruits, spices, and herbs. We grow our produce on our farm, following organic and sustainable guidelines, but there is a significant cost for certifying a farm as organic so we do not have the official title. Anything we do not grow ourselves, we source with high quality standards. We only patronize other small farms and operations with responsible and transparent growing practices, batch tracing, and ethical standards.

The syrups are similarly naturally gluten-free based on ingredients, but are prepared in kitchens that are not exclusively gluten free. We have not paid for the certification to officially market them as such. The syrups and floral rimmers do not meet kosher guidelines.

Can you help me put together a gift package?

Sure thing! You can always email us with any specific questions! We love pairing our floral rimmer salts and sugars with various syrups for a thoughtful gift, or pair a couple syrup flavors with one of our recipe books. These garden- and drinks-focused packages are a great gift for any foodie or mixologist.

Can we visit the Simple Goodness Cocktail Farm?

The world’s first cocktail farm is also Venise’s home, so for her family and neighbor’s privacy, we have set up shop at the Simple Goodness Sisters Soda Shop in nearby Wilkeson. Here, we can host you for farm to bar drinks, ice cream treats, farm to table eats, and a shop where you can purchase all of our goods in a more spacious setting.

What is the Simple Goodness Sisters Soda Shop?

The Soda Shop is a place for garden-to-glass cocktails, mocktails, ice cream treats, and a locally-focused food menu. We grow as much as we can ourselves to support the menu at the Simple Goodness Cocktail Farm, and take care to purchase other goods from small batch makers in the local food community. The menu has the same focus on freshly grown produce and naturally preserved seasonal fare, with kid-friendly and allergen-friendly options. We also have all of our retail items available to shop in person, and occasionally host events and how-to classes in our large event space. We welcome the entire family to the Soda Shop! We are open seasonally, May-December, Thursdays through Sundays. We’re located in Wilkeson, WA, a charming little town at the edge of the wilderness but just 10 minutes away from Enumclaw, WA.

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