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Cocktail Farm Club

The Cocktail Farm Club is our farm's version of a traditional farm share CSA or like a cocktail mixer "wine club." Each release allows for a variety of drink variations, and will include recipes and drink education so you can become a garden to glass mixologist at home.
March release is sold out. Sign ups are still open, but you won't receive a release box until May.
What's included:
  • One, 7 ounce mirco-batches, available exclusively to Cocktail Farm Club members. These micro-batch mixers are our opportunity to play with growing new varieties and crafting unique garden-inspired flavors on a small scale.
  • One, 12 ounce Simple Goodness Sisters drink syrup from our Classics line
  • Cocktail garnishes grown on our farm, such as edible flowers and rimming salts and sugars.
  • Three recipe cards featuring seasonal drinks for each release.
  • Video tutorials from bartender Belinda Kelly with spirit recommendations and step by step instructions.
  • First access to new product launches and special events virtually and at the Simple Goodness Sisters Soda Shop in Wilkeson, WA.

Boxes will be shipped bi-monthly beginning March 2021. Exact shipment dates will be dependent on harvest (for example, the May box will be shipped at month's end, due to the timing of the spruce tip harvest).

*reoccurring payments will be billed 6 times per year and if needed, can be canceled prior to the next box shipment
ALL SYRUPS ARE: Vegan, made with organic sugar from scratch in small batches in glass bottles. Free from preservatives and artificial additives. Shelf-stable up to 18 months, refrigerate after opening.
GENERAL USE IDEAS: Cocktails, mocktails, seltzer, desserts, coffee & teas.

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