Corporate Gift Box

Make client and staff gifting memorable with a Simple Goodness Gift box! Each box contains one 6.7 oz syrup of your choice, club soda, and garnish. Perfect for crafting cocktails or mocktails at home, this personal drink kit is great for anyone on your list!
ALL SYRUPS ARE: Vegan, made with organic sugar from scratch in small batches in glass bottles. Free from preservatives and artificial additives. Shelf-stable up to 18 months, refrigerate after opening.
GENERAL USE IDEAS: Cocktails, mocktails, sodas, desserts, coffee & teas.
One 6.7 oz Syrup: Made with whole fruit, fresh herbs, and organic cane sugar. Makes 7-14 drinks depending on the recipe and individual preference.
Club Soda: One 12 oz bottle of seltzer water- the perfect base for building a fabulous cocktail or mocktail.
Garnish: Dried citrus wheels to garnish beverage creations.

Collections: Drink Syrups, Gifts

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