Happier Hour

We’re growing you a Happier Hour

Here at the Simple Goodness Cocktail Farm we like to say that we’re growing the world a Happier Hour. Happier Hour is all about imbibing with joy and connection. Connection isn’t limited to the people we are raising our glasses to, it’s also about the garden-to-glass way in which we make our drinks, connecting people with the hard work and joy of growing things. With Happier Hour we hope to build community through these connections, over delicious cocktails. 

Happy hour can be a force for good. We learned this from our grandmother, the original Happier Hour queen, whose home, heart, and bar is always open to her many friends from many walks of life. Following her example, we find that a tasty cocktail can break down a lot of barriers and that something as simple as a thoughtfully made and presented drink can make a big difference. Happier Hour is our answer to the void our busy lives can leave, the craving for the slow down we all have. Happier hour is a gathering, a service from one person to another, and a dedicated moment in our busy lives to stop, clink, and connect. 

Happier Hour is also about what is, and sometimes more importantly what isn’t, in your glass. Drinking from garden to glass celebrates the bounty of each season and puts garden grown ingredients front and center in a drink. We grow easy to use drink syrups and goods on the Simple Goodness Cocktail Farm for the simplest happier hours at home, and we love to share tools like our classes and books so that you can learn to grow your own drinks. A cocktail garden of your own can change the way you drink and the enjoyment you get from happy hour. 

When you grow something, you invest hours of your time, sweat, passion, and hope into the soil, sun, water, and seeds. You care if something survives. What does grow, you nurture. Usually, you grow more of some things than you thought you would, or more than you can easily use. One thing leads to another, and you begin to research how to preserve your harvest in new recipes. 

Drinking garden to glass celebrates the producers, the produce, and the people around us, and makes us very Happy indeed!

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