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I can’t resist…more baby goat videos

EB had her babies last night while I was in car driving home from work. Luckily Kate and Ross were home to help. She delivered three kids, one large buckling (boy), one small buckling, and one very small doeling. The doeling is adorable with pretty blue eyes. She had a hard time figuring the whole nursing thing so Kate and I helped her out with a bottle to make sure she got the nutrient rich colostrum. Hopefully by the time I get home tonight her brothers have shown her the ropes. Below are some videos I took because I absolutely cannot resist the cuteness and I am guess neither can our readers 🙂 There is no better place in the world than the farm in spring!

All the Baby Goats in the Barn – Link:

Sade’s one day old kids playing in the hay – Link:

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