Punch Kit

A holiday hosting essential, the Punch Kit is the perfect holiday gift set to carry you through the season of entertaining with delicious, easy to serve and festive cocktails. This kit includes the syrups, garnishes, bitters, and recipes needed to make a dozen possible punch recipes. Also included are  recipe cards to help you learn how to batch cocktails to serve a crowd with ease. Whether you're serving them in a punch bowl or a drink dispenser, we will teach you how to use the right ice, measure out the right ingredients, and dillute the drink for the best tasting drinks. 

Not into making bit batches of drinks? This is a fabulous winter themed gift set for anyone to try making more drinks at home. You can also use this kit to make a wide variety of individual cocktails or mocktail recipes. It's a great way to try multiple syrup flavors while also getting cozy looking winter drink garnishes and a mini bitters from the Bitter Housewife. 

Included in this pack:

Recipe Cards: three recipe cards to help you make a variety of punch recipes and learn to be a pro-cocktail entertainer at home

Garnishes: dried citrus rings, whole cinnamon sticks and star anise pods to decorate your punch ice or garnish your cocktails

2 Syrups: Each bottle is 4 ounces which will make 4-8 cocktails depending on the recipes.

Apple Pie Syrup: Everything fall is meant to be is bottled in this lovely seasonal syrup. Apples straight from our farm as well as Cedardale Orchard in Mt. Vernon, WA are juiced and infused with the warmest fall spices, cinnamon and vanilla bean. Pair with any warm, toasty spirit or add it to your favorite fall desserts or coffee. APPLE PIE INGREDIENTS: Apple cider, organic cane sugar, cinnamon, vanilla.

Berry Sage Syrup: Sweet with a sour note, rounded out by an herbal finish. Washington grown strawberries picked for perfect sweetness in peak season are paired with raspberries for the perfect hint of acidity. Sage peeks through in a delicious "now what's that flavor?" kind of way that elevates a basic berry syrup to something extra special. This one is begging to be added to lemonade and if you throw some whiskey in there, we wouldn't throw you out the door! It can be paired with virtually any spirit, rose or white wine, including rum for year round mojitos, margaritas, backporch lemonades, rose spritzers, and martinis. While everything we make and grow at Simple Goodness Sisters makes delicious garden to glass cocktails, we encourage you to drink it however, whenever you want. Add it to vanilla ice cream for a grown up and kid friendly milkshake, mix it with juice for a DIY popsicle, or drizzle over strawberry shortcakes! BERRY SAGE INGREDIENTS: strawberries, raspberries, organic cane sugar, sage.

Bitters: Bitters are a key ingredient to balancing a punch recipe, adding essential depth of flavor without actually tasting, well, bitter. The Orange Bitters from the Bitter Housewife (another Pacific Northwest, handcrafted, woman owned business!) are full of fresh navel orange peel, about one orange per bottle, with subtly baking spices and earl grey tea for an unexpected floral note. Bartenders often refer to bitters as the salt and pepper of a cocktail because bitters act as an enhancement rather than the backbone of a cocktail. We love these! Bitters Ingredients: Alcohol, water, organic sugar, orange peel, earl grey tea leaves, cardamom, allspice, gentian, quassia


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