Floral Sugar and Syrup Sample Pack

The perfect way to try a couple syrup flavors and a beautiful floral rimming sugar, this sampler pack includes two of our favorite cocktail syrup flavors, Berry Sage and Orange Vanilla, as well as a Floral Sugar. 

ALL SYRUPS ARE: Vegan, made with organic sugar from scratch in small batches in glass bottles. Free from preservatives and artificial additives. Shelf-stable up to 18 months, refrigerate after opening.
GENERAL USE IDEAS: Cocktails, mocktails, seltzer, desserts, coffee & teas.


2 Syrups: Each bottle is 4 ounces which will make 4-8 cocktails depending on the recipes. These drink simple syrups contains no preservatives, dyes, essences or concentrates, just whole fruit, organic cane sugar and herbs. Use the simple syrup in cocktail, mocktail and coffee recipes.

Orange Vanilla Syrup: Featuring the freshest oranges from Papa Citrus, this syrup is sunshine in a glass. Typically a Farm Club exclusive flavor, we had just enough extra to include in this season's sample pack! Ingredients: Orange juice, organic cane sugar, orange zest, vanilla bean

Berry Sage Syrup: Sweet with a sour note, rounded out by an herbal finish. Washington grown strawberries picked for perfect sweetness in peak season are paired with raspberries for the perfect hint of acidity. Sage peeks through in a delicious "now what's that flavor?" kind of way that elevates a basic berry syrup to something extra special. BERRY SAGE INGREDIENTS: strawberries, raspberries, organic cane sugar, sage.

Floral Sugar: Also included is a 4 ounce bottle of our Floral Sugar. Made with dehydrated edible flowers we grow on our farm, these floral rimmers turn any ordinary cocktail into a work of art. Other rimmers on the market use chemicals and dyes, but you won't find either of those in these packages. The gorgeous varied colors of the edible flowers we grow on the Simple Goodness cocktail farm add interest to all beverages, while the coarse sugar makes Sidecars, Margaritas and Lemon Drops perfectly sweet. We love pretty cocktails, so we made these to use as rimmers for favorite drinks, but you can also use them to add style and flavor to any of your favorite foods. We love to sprinkle them on baked goods! Remember that since these don't have any anti-caking chemicals in them, once they get wet they will clump. Pour a little onto a plate, rim your glass with a spirit or citrus and then roll the glass into the floral sugar to create a gorgeous drink for your special occasion, or just regular ole' Tuesday night!


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