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Real Cowgirls

The last couple of weeks have been an adjustment for me. I am finally starting to feel better and spend less time hugging the toilet which means that the pounds are starting to pack on and my belly is noticeably bigger than before. In fact, Belinda and I recently had some maternity photos taken by the talented Mrs. Laura Morceau of Casual Family Photography and while we haven’t gotten them all back yet to share, below is a nice little teaser for you all. See…I really am starting to look pregnant!


Anyways, as the scale starts tipping further and further towards a number that usually belongs to my husband I am having to remind myself to stop obsessing over the weight gain. Having always been a  petite person who is beyond blessed in the fact that I only have to do a few crunches to get a six pack, watching my waist disappear has been a struggle. I know and repeat to myself all the cliche lines that are supposed to make this part easier, like “your body is doing an amazing thing, its growing a human” or “it will all be worth it when you are holding your baby girl”. And its true, it will all be worth it, but right now it doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

Luckily, this week Facebook has come to my rescue in helping me adjust my attitude towards this whole pregnancy thing.

First I got the below message and pictures from my cousin:

This reminds me of you cuz your tiny little bod could pull this look off yet you never went there! You’re always out mucking stalls 🙂 

country girls


This made me smile! True, there was a time when I looked like the “Fake Cowgirl” picture and maybe there will be a time when I will once again be able to pull off the look. But, what made me smile is that even though I could, I rarely did (I say rarely because I admit there was one or two Halloween parties where I may have worn a bra and chaps). Instead I was outside mucking stalls, bucking hay, feeding goats and helping out in whatever way I could. The post reminded me that my sense of self worth shouldn’t be only about what I look like, but instead about what my mind and body does…like make a baby.

Then I ran across the TRY music video by Colbie Caillat (you can watch it below) and my pregnancy hormones went on overdrive. In a nutshell the video and song tells women that we don’t need to try nearly as hard to be beautiful as we think we do and that even without all the primping we are pretty.

I am going to admit, embarrassingly, that I cried through the video (I blame pregnancy hormones). I thought of the little women in my life (Kate, Ruby and the one growing inside me) and I hoped that they all learn to love themselves and find pride not in how they look but in what they do. I hope that these little girls, like me, take pride in the fact that they are “real cowgirls” and not “fake cowgirls” and they always like themselves!

If you have a little cowgirl in your life, please give her a hug for me and tell her how pretty she is when she is outside doing “girl” things like playing the dirt, mucking stalls and helping out!


The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.


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