Espelette Spiced Salt

Level up your cocktail game with our piment espelette + sea salt rimmer, perfect for savory cocktails like a spicy margarita, Paloma, Bloody Mary, Salty Dog, Michelada, and more. Sea salt is combined with California grown espelette ground chiles. Piment d'ville espelette is a mild and flavorful chile pepper,  which can be used like black pepper but with a sweet, mild heat. It is grown by female led farm Boonville Barn Collective in California.

These rimmers turn any ordinary cocktail into a tasty work of art. Other rimmers on the market use chemicals and dyes, but you won't find either of those in these packages. The gorgeous red color of pepper adds interest to all beverages.

We love pretty cocktails, so we made these to use as rimmers for favorite drinks, but you can also use them to add style and flavor to any of your favorite foods. The mix is so addictive you'll find yourself adding it to popcorn (it's the signature spice blend at the Simple Goodness Soda Shop!), eggs, avocado toast, roasted and grilled veggies, meats, etc. Remember that since these don't have any anti-caking chemicals in them, once they get wet they will clump. Pour a little onto a plate, rim your glass with a spirit or citrus and then roll the glass into the floral salt and viola a gorgeous drink for your special occasion, or just regular ole Tuesday night!

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