• baby goat petting zoo party is the new office morale booster

    Totes M’Goats, it’s true! A mobile baby goat petting zoo can come to your home or workplace

    Time is running out to book a mobile baby goat petting zoo party featuring one month old Nigerian Dwarf goat kids at the Seattle area location of your choosing. For 90 minutes and weeks afterwards, morale will be lifted and smiles will be wide as you enjoy visiting with and holding these sweet creatures. Farmer Venise will teach you all about the kids and raising goats if you’d like, or you can keep it simple and just lounge with them. If I was back in my old workplace party planning chair, I’d keep it simple and buy a bunch of ice cream bars and send out an email that says…

  • rustic farm wedding conga line

    You can get married at a working cocktail farm whilst drinking garden to glass cocktails.

    Are you, a friend, a family member or a client planning a BIG event (wedding, elopement, vow renewal, birthday, or retirement!) and hoping to plan a laid back party with Happy Camper Cocktail Company’s award winning bar service, at a gorgeous outdoor venue on a working farm? The Simple Goodness Farm is very rarely made available for public events, but for the launch of Simple Goodness Sisters’ Shop Kickstarter, we’re making it available for two events for summer 2020 and bringing insome incredble, award winning event vendorsto help make the day perfect!

  • female farmers harvest herbs in field

    FarmHer: the Simple Goodness Sisters’ TV debut on RFDTV

    This weekend we will be making our debut on NATIONAL television on the RFDTV network, on season 3 of FarmHer. It's nothing short of incredible that this opportunity to be profiled by the network for our work as female farmers and food producers came our way, as it is one of Venise's "bucket list" accomplishments! Read more to see where and when to watch, and listen to our episode on Farmher's Shining Bright podcast!

  • Talking Simple Goodness with Seattle Kitchen’s Tom Douglas, Katie O., and Thierry Rauturneau

    The Simple Goodness Sisters got our first brush with celebrity this week, when interviewed by famous and widely acclaimed (James Beard award winners!) Seattle chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rauturneau. We were not nervous one tiny bit, and if you believe that, Venise will sell you some ocean front property in Arizona next. What is also true, however, is that the syrups also had their TV debut this week! Read the blog for links to watch and listen.

  • Gathering the Girl Tribe

    When we were little our mom, like every other mom out there, forced Belinda and I to share. For most our lives we shared a room and no matter how hard we tried to label or hide our things, we learned to live with the fact that our sister was going to steal our stuff. Everything from makeup to clothes and even hobbies we learned to share. Sure, I didn’t love it when Belinda stretched out all my shoes with her big foot feet and I am sure Belinda wasn’t thrilled when I would steal her quirky clothes that I would never buy for myself because my taste was far…

  • Simple Goodness Sisters Presents Simple Goodness Syrups!

    We’re launching online sales of our Simple Goodness Syrups. This moment is about 2 years, or 30 years in the making, depending on your perspective. Appropriately, this new venture of ours is launching the week of International Sisterhood Day. My sister and I have been sisters since my birth in 1988 and business partners since earlier this year. But the seed for the Simple Goodness Syrups was really planted in 2016, at my very first Happy Camper Cocktail Company event when a guest handed me her business card and asked if I would consider selling our drink syrups in her retail store. (Note to self, time to call!) Venise continued…

  • Belinda’s dispatch from the road: Happy Camper Cocktails’ summer 2017

    2017-2018 was, excuse my language, a helluva year. It was a BIG year of growth for me,  personally and professionally, with Happy Camper Cocktail Company. On a professional level, there were weddings that made me laugh, cry, and over-caffeinate. We did our first brand promotion partnership with a major corporation. We crafted celebrations & intimate executive retreats for top Seattle area companies. Happy Camper Cocktails served corporate employee picnics for some major local players. We even moved forward on our new catering kitchen space in Wilkeson and our Simple Goodness Syrups collaboration with Venise, but those are subjects for future blogs! And then right in the middle of it all,…

  • Floats for the Fight: Wilkeson Handcar Races

    Washington state is filled with small towns that were once booming logging, coal mining and railroad towns. One of our favorites, Wilkeson, is just 5 minutes down the road from us in the foothills of Mount Rainier. Along the route to the Northwest entrance of Mount Rainier, Wilkeson has a population of 486 full time residents and relies heavily on the support of tourists who travel through the town on their way to hike along the Carbon River or Mowich Lake. One of the best weekends to visit Wilkeson is during the annual Handcar Races. On the third Saturday in July of every year local teams race railroad handcars on an…