• baby goat petting zoo party is the new office morale booster

    Totes M’Goats, it’s true! A mobile baby goat petting zoo can come to your home or workplace

    Time is running out to book a mobile baby goat petting zoo party featuring one month old Nigerian Dwarf goat kids at the Seattle area location of your choosing. For 90 minutes and weeks afterwards, morale will be lifted and smiles will be wide as you enjoy visiting with and holding these sweet creatures. Farmer Venise will teach you all about the kids and raising goats if you’d like, or you can keep it simple and just lounge with them. If I was back in my old workplace party planning chair, I’d keep it simple and buy a bunch of ice cream bars and send out an email that says…

  • rustic farm wedding conga line

    You can get married at a working cocktail farm whilst drinking garden to glass cocktails.

    Are you, a friend, a family member or a client planning a BIG event (wedding, elopement, vow renewal, birthday, or retirement!) and hoping to plan a laid back party with Happy Camper Cocktail Company’s award winning bar service, at a gorgeous outdoor venue on a working farm? The Simple Goodness Farm is very rarely made available for public events, but for the launch of Simple Goodness Sisters’ Shop Kickstarter, we’re making it available for two events for summer 2020 and bringing insome incredble, award winning event vendorsto help make the day perfect!

  • Flowers Crowns and Pregnant Cows: an Ode to Motherhood

    Motherhood- holy cow. I could write 120,000 words on the subject, and I can also sum it up in a sentence: it’s the most beautiful, impossible, challenging and rewarding job/privilege I’ve ever had. It’s a job I’ve always wanted, but I never could have imagined how it would play out. I was an odd adolescent (are you surprised?) and I used to have this fantasy of being a fiercely independent, single mother to a precocious, female toddler and traveling the European continent as a duo, selling my handcrafted chocolates. Yes, it was a fantasy stolen directly from the movie Chocolat, and it is a great example of my younger self’s…

  • female farmers harvest herbs in field

    FarmHer: the Simple Goodness Sisters’ TV debut on RFDTV

    This weekend we will be making our debut on NATIONAL television on the RFDTV network, on season 3 of FarmHer. It's nothing short of incredible that this opportunity to be profiled by the network for our work as female farmers and food producers came our way, as it is one of Venise's "bucket list" accomplishments! Read more to see where and when to watch, and listen to our episode on Farmher's Shining Bright podcast!

  • Cocktail Recipe of the Week: the Seattle Sling, and also introducing our first Spring Launch flavor, Lemon Herb!

    For this week’s garden to glass cocktail recipe, we’re featuring a drink with one of our upcoming Spring launch flavors of Simple Goodness Sisters’ syrups, Lemon Herb. The flavor is the stuff your summer dreams (definitely ours!) are made of. Even better, we’re sharing a non-alcoholic mocktail, or “soft cocktail” version of the drink as well, for everyone who loves garden to glass flavor but isn’t interested in a tipple.  We go to bottle the Lemon Herb syrups this upcoming week (as well as Blueberry Lavender and Berry Sage) and are taking presale orders on all three, as well as our “Garden to Glass” Edible Garden Kits starting April 3rd,…

  • jack rose cocktail tutorial video garden to glass

    Cocktail Video of the Week: the Simple Goodness Sisters’ Jack Rose Cocktail

    The Jack Rose is a pre-prohibition (like, seriously OG) New Jersey classic cocktail we’re re-imagining to be solidly West Coast. It’s a little known drink (and surprisingly has NOTHING to do with our favorites from the Titanic) that will be widely popular with your friends once introduced. It’s fairly sweet but still pretty stiff, so it packs a pretty little punch. Speaking of punch, PUNCH describes the drink as so: According to David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, the Jack Rose was, during the mid-20thcentury, a pillar of basic cocktail-mixing knowledge. The origin of its name is disputed: some credit it to an early 20th-century hit man called “Bald…