Simple Goodness Sisters’ Syrups:

Pacific Northwest inspired simple syrups like you’ve never tasted them- bright, complex, and fresh from the farm and the forest. These are the best drinking syrups you have ever tasted, and there are many reasons why, but mostly this one: these are homegrown. Each ingredient is sourced hyper-locally with the highest quality and ethics standards. Many are grown on our own family farm, carefully tended to with sustainable farming practices. We support other female farmers, use packaging that’s made in the USA and we formulate our syrups so we never have to use chemical preservatives, just like in the good ole’ days. We’ve created them to be the tastiest, simplest drink you can make at home.

It all started on Simple Goodness Farm…

The Simple Goodness farm was purchased in the Spring of 2013 by Venise and Ross Cunningham. The first fall after they moved in they planted an acre of specialty garlic and thus began their farming adventure. The land that sustains the Simple Goodness Farm is experienced in farming having been a dairy and horse breeding farm in the past. However, both Venise and Ross are first generation farmers learning how to farm by picking the brains of the local farmers and searching Google.

The property consists of ten acres. Five of the acres house and feed the various farm animals that call the farm home including cows, goats, pigs and occasionally a few chickens. The garden acres are devoted to growing specialty herbs and edible flowers that are used in the Simple Goodness Sisters syrups. The farm uses sustainable practices including using plastic mulch rather than chemicals in the fields.

The farm is in every way a family farm. Venise and Ross live in the 100 year old farmhouse on the farm where they raise their two young children. They also host a variety of family and community events throughout the year so that others may also enjoy the simple goodness of farm life. Join the Country Club to hear about events!

Actually, it started in 1988, when we became sisters…

Sisters since 1988, and co-founders since 2018, Belinda and Venise share a passion for sustainable farming, bold flavors and the beautiful PNW. Bartender Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, a “garden to glass” mobile bar + beverage catering company in Seattle, established in 2016.  Together they’re bringing the tasty, PNW inspired drink mixers beloved by Belinda’s event clients to the public, with the launch of Simple Goodness Sisters Syrups.

Sharing a taste of farm life is a shared passion they imbibe in, with their behind the scenes work on their social media platforms. Answering the growing interest from their customers, the sisters have developed “Drink Your Way Through the Garden,” an interactive edible gardening class, and will soon launch an expanded line of Simple Goodness Sisters drink additions. Together, they’re bringing the farm to the bar and inspiring a new crop of gardeners.

First born was Venise:

Chief farmer, VP of technology, and resident big picture thinker

Venise Cunningham is co-owner of Simple Goodness Syrups, the owner of Simple Goodness Farm, and a real estate agent specializing in farm properties. She left the corporate world in search of literally greener pastures, and after several years of growing garlic on her 10 acre farm in Buckley, WA, Belinda convinced her to start growing cocktail-ready herbs and flowers. ​An active member of the local farm community, Venise supports South Sound farmers with her work with Pierce Country Fresh and sources ingredients from her fellow farm friends and neighbors. Venise’s personal motto is to “feed your dreams, and starve your fears.” Follow Venise and her farm adventures on Instagram @simplegoodnesssisters

4 years later, along came Belinda…

Chief foodie, VP of recipe development, and type A list maker

Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, and co-founder of Simple Goodness Sisters.  She left the world of technical recruiting in 2016 after the birth of her first son, and created the Happy Camper Cocktail Company’s first mobile bar with her husband’s support and craftsman skills in 2016. With a goal of disrupting the mobile bar service industry by crafting authentic cocktails and celebrations, the company has since won accolades, high profile clients, and national press. She launched Simple Goodness Syrups with her sister, farmer Venise Cunningham, to meet demand demonstrated by event clients to re-create garden to glass cocktails at home, simply. With duties spanning from cocktail creation and testing, to event production and marketing, Belinda is a busy and well hydrated individual. Follow her on Instagram @happycampercocktails

Or maybe it started well before that, because the apple didn’t fall from from the tree…

Grandmothers, parents, and aunts and uncles have all played a role in inspiring the Sisters as women, mothers, farmers, homemakers, and hostesses. Their grandparents, particularly their grandmothers, had a special impact on the women’s desire to create family lives with great intention. Because of their examples, the sisters sought out a slow life filled with long days outside, seasonal living, hard work, teaching their children by example and risk taking as entrepreneurs.

Maternal grandparents Doris (Nanny) and Elmer (Poppi) raised their eight kids in a small house in Kent, Washington on a farm where Nanny raised the kids, looked after the animals, grew a nourishing garden, canned and preserved everything she could grow, cooked delicious yet practical meals, served often at their church and made their house a home. She never wasted anything, ran a tight ship with her children, showed her strength and values by example rather than words, and left the world a far better place, though she lived a quiet life. Nanny did not say a lot, but what she said came from a place of love, was to the point and always truthful.

Paternal grandmother Nancy O’Heron also raised her 4 children in Kent, WA, though hers was a smaller hobby farm just large enough to support the family with meat and some produce, interest the children in the caring of animals and the share the value of chores. She supported her husband’s real estate development business, managing the finances and office work as well as exploring several careers over the years, from hairdressing as a young bride to stenography and later, drafting at Boeing. Where Nanny was quiet, Nancy is always the life of the party, the penultimate hostess, and a faithful lover of a friendly happy hour. She has never met a stranger, and she usually likes to tell them all about her granddaughter’s business, “you may have heard of it…?”

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