Sunset Magazine Wants You to Put Simple Goodness Sisters’ Marionberry Mint Syrup on Ice Cream

Simple Goodness Sisters is featured in the July/August issue of one of our favorite magazines, Sunset Magazine.

Sunset Magazine is THE magazine of the West, a stunning pictorial and literary trip up and down our coast and across our Mountain passes, and color me purple, we’re IN IT!

ice cream round up sunset magazine
Poured myself a Simple goodness Sisters lemon Herb spritzer and settled in for an afternoon of pinch myself “is this real?!” reading

It is a highlight of my month when the magazine arrives at my door, and the hours I spend perusing its pages are a trip to a life I imagine myself having: adventurous escapes through PNW wonderland, small garden transformations to beautiful backyard oases (this has been an ongoing quest of mine for two years, just ask my friends who have grown very tired of my constant ask for their opinion on one outdoor rug to the next), themed dinners with seasonal fare and all scratch cooking (ok, that one I do manage to bring into my real life occasionally, though perhaps with a little less editorial fanfare.) The pages are alive with color, texture, talent, variety, and utter quality. It has always been apparent to us that the editors strive to put forward only the best to their readers, and take pains to collect the fine, the unique, the local. So, to be featured among their pages, is definitely a career “bucket list” for us.

And, we’ve found our suspicions to be entirely true. Not only is our product beautiful, high quality, unique and local (*pats self on back) but the editors made sure that they actually liked it. We sent several emails introducing ourselves, because we have learned that whether it is a preschool pickup line or a magazine, multiple introductions are key to getting someone to remember you. Then we sent samples. Then they asked for more samples. Then they sampled the syrups, all together, I imagine in that incredible Sunset Test Kitchen I drool over pictures of each year. And then a while later, we heard we’d be featured. We actually did not know anything about the feature beyond that it would be out before September and be in the Pantry Section of the magazine.

More than a great drink mixer, Simple Goodness Syrups is your next dessert secret weapon

It was a pleasant surprise to us to be included in an ice cream round up. While we delight in using our syrups at every meal, every opportunity, we’re often in a cocktail/mocktail/drink syrup box. We specifically wrote our excerpt on the syrup bottle label to address this versatility: “This is a drink syrup. This is also whatever you want it to be. it may not be a baby goat, but it could be a breakfast syrup, dessert syrup…” The good people at Sunset are pretty smart people, and must have figured this out in that pristine test kitchen of theirs. Marionberry Mint absolutely S-I-N-G-S in multiple flavors of ice cream: from Tillamook’s Marionberry Pie ice cream to Frankie and Jo’s vegan Chocolate Date to Snoqualmie Creamery’s dinner mint to a cold brew coffee gelato by Talenti to a simple vanilla ice cream, it’s a dream topping. Our Marionberry Mint syrup on ice cream is cravable, delectable, easiest hosting dessert ever goodness, while still being incredibly quick, convenient, and just a fridge reach away. But you don’t even have to take our word for it, you can take the word of Sunset Magazine, the premier resource for achieving the ultimate Western lifestyle.

‚Ķ(Pats Pats, pinches self on back….)

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sunset magazine
That magic moment before you open the pages of a Sunset Magazine


ice cream with simple syrup topping
Simple Goodness Sisters syrup + ice cream is a match made in summer nights heaven
Marionberry Mint + Rhubarb Vanilla are a great combination for vanilla ice cream topping

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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