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The Fireside Sipper you Need to Make Tonight: the Huckleberry Spruce Tip Old Fashioned

Need the perfect Fall drink for comfy chair snuggling, cozy sweater wearing, great book reading, nights by the fire?

Of course you do. We all do. That’s what Fall is all about, Charlie Brown. And I’ve got the recipe – and the simple syrup!- for you!

Imagine that cozy chair, that soft sweater, those warm slippers, that stormy night outside- what’s in your cup? You deserve something new. Something that wakes you up just a bit, intriguing you with its flavors even as it mellows you right back down in a warm whiskey glow. Something that tastes like a classic, revisited and renewed.
You’ll need Huckleberry Spruce Tip syrup, so click here to make that happen!

You need to drink a Huckleberry Spruce Tip Old Fashioned.

The Old Fashioned is not the first cocktail on record, that goes to the champagne + bitter concoction. However, it’s been around so long it earned its name. The basic components are whiskey + bitters + sugar + ice + twist. In the swinging 1960’s a bunch of extra sweet stuff like a cherry and an orange slice were added, along with club soda to make a taller drink that was easier to toss down. Because, ya know, they drank 11 of them a day, if Mad Men is to be believed.
I prefer the original formula, the simply good classic. I believe the best self-care you can give yourself is a slower pace, which is why I’m sharing this recipe with you.
In my recipe, the huckleberry spruce tip simple syrup (shop here) takes the place of the classic sugar cube to add sweetness and mellow out the whiskey. The huckleberry adds a fun sweet-sour flavor that is extra tasty. The citrus-y spruce tip in the syrup echoes the orange twist so both flavors come through stronger. The Old Log Cabin bourbon recommended here is a very traditional bourbon and is sold by Batch 206 distilling, a Seattle favorite. I love it because it is not too sweet, nor too aggressive.
Make one today using your Simple Goodness Syrup, take a photo, then tag us on social media so we can see your creation! Now with that out of the way, now lift your glass, and cheers to slower times and slower sipping!




makes 1 serving

How to make it: In a heavy bottom rocks glass, dash the bitters to the bottom of the glass. Add a barspoon of simple syrup and stir. Add your ice cube and pour the 2 ounces of whiskey over the top of the cube. Give one gentle swirl to the drink. Add a splash of club soda, if desired, and the take your citrus twist (a skinny section of citrus peel that has been carefully shaved off the fruit without removing the white part or “pith”, as this part brings bitterness to the drink.) Rub the twist along the inside of the glass rim, and then hold both ends in your fingers and give it one counter clockwise turn over the top of the glass. Curl the ends to a spiral and drop it in the glass.

Happy drinking, friends! Please continue to tag us on Instagram and facebook when you use your Simple Goodness Syrups! #happierhour

And if you are a blogger and want to collaborate, please let us know. We can’t wait to see what delicious-ness you’re mixing up with SGS syrups!

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The "glass" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, bartender, recipe developer, younger sister and karaoke lover.

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