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Simple Goodness Syrups: Marionberry Mint & a Garden Mule cocktail

Simple Goodness Syrups have launched, shipped, and wowed their first customers.

After a humorously inefficient first shipping process (picture 8 months pregnant Venise carrying an armful of boxes into fedex twenty minutes before closing, and the lady behind the counter looking wary at best) the first shipped bottles are in the hands of customers across the USA and that feels really, really good.

We are so proud to share a taste of the Pacific Northwest summer through these first edition Simple Goodness Sister Syrup flavors. We also sold a ton of bottles at the Garlic and Goats Festival at Venise’s farm last weekend to our local community and couldn’t stop smiling at people’s reactions to their tastings. “Wow!” was a frequent response. The next most common response was “OK, what do you recommend I make with it?”

Simple Goodness Sisters’ cocktail and drink recipe collection is launching too

And that’s where I (Belinda) come in. I’ve been using these syrups for 3 years in our craft cocktail catering business, Happy Camper Cocktails, and have some delicious ideas too share with you. Each syrup we’ve sent out into the world has come with a recipe card with a suggested drink. We also plan to continue adding more drink (and food!) ideas here, and even to share here recipes and ideas that you, our tasters and customers, submit by tagging us on social media or emailing us.

It is our very sincere goal to update the blog weekly with new recipes and ideas on how to use our Simple Goodness Syrups. While the most frequent drink choice for us at home is a simple soda (1 ounce of syrup + 12 ounces club soda) or Italian sodas (Venise’s favorite, with half & half or whipping cream stirred in), there are a hundred ways or more to use the syrup and we want to help aid your creativity and quench your thirst!

Let’s start this week with a crowd favorite, Marionberry Mint.

Refreshing, tart and sweet, marionberry and mint are inescapable summer flavors in the PNW. Though not native sons, they love to grow here, often more than we farmers would like. With Marionberry Mint we’ve embraced these invasive, unstoppable plants and delicious, and bottled their bounty for your front porch sipping enjoyment.

While this syrup tastes great in ANY cocktail that traditionally uses mint and sugar (think the Julep, the Mojito, the Southside, the Kentucky mule…) we’re first going to feature the recipe to a wedding and event client favorite from our catering business, the Garden Mule.

The Garden Mule was the signature drink at our businesses’ launch and has continued to be a standby for us ever since. Nearly equally good as a mocktail, it’s also very quick to make with just a few ingredients, making it great for parties, camping, a quick drink after work, going out on the boat, playdates in a park with your mom friends (we see you, and we salute you!) etc.

I promise you can recreate this in about 60 seconds at home, using our Marionberry Mint Syrup! Photo by Meredith McKee

The Garden Mule 
Why it’s great: quick, crowd pleasing, and an interesting turn on the traditional moscow mule.

makes 1 serving

How to make it: combine all ingredients in a rocks glass, stir well to combine, squeeze in the lime. That is it. And that’s why I love this drink: unique, flavorful, and super fast.

Happy drinking, friends! Please continue to tag us on Instagram and facebook when you receive your first bottles! And if you are a blogger and want to collaborate, please let us know. We can’t wait to see what you’re making with SGS syrups.

The "glass" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, bartender, recipe developer, younger sister and karaoke lover.

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