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Simple Goodness Sisters Presents Simple Goodness Syrups!

We’re launching online sales of our Simple Goodness Syrups.

This moment is about 2 years, or 30 years in the making, depending on your perspective. Appropriately, this new venture of ours is launching the week of International Sisterhood Day. My sister and I have been sisters since my birth in 1988 and business partners since earlier this year. But the seed for the Simple Goodness Syrups was really planted in 2016, at my very first Happy Camper Cocktail Company event when a guest handed me her business card and asked if I would consider selling our drink syrups in her retail store. (Note to self, time to call!) Venise continued to encourage me in this direction as HCCC grew and the requests to take home our mixers kept coming in. She is an idea (wo)man and an entrepreneur at heart, and eventually I listened to my older, wise sister. Here we are, many lessons later, launching our dream product together.

Who are the Simple Goodness Sisters?

For those of you who are new to our story, here are the cliff notes on how this product and this partnership came to be. From suburban kids who fought constantly and held very different interests, we grew into fiercely close friends who share an interest in sustainable farming and the search for the “simply good” life. We each feel a strong connection to the economy, thrift, reverence, and routine of small family farms after a lifetime of family stories about our parents’ upbringings on small family farms in Kent, WA. I built my first garden in 2013 and set “crazy southern women who grows prize tomatoes” lifegoals for myself, while Venise bought a 10 acre farm in Buckley and brought it back to life with her husband, farmer Ross. My passion for cooking, baking, and “best in class” ingredients led to studying ethically raised food and farming. A hobby fascination with farm to bar cocktails coincided with the end of my corporate career and the Happy Camper Cocktail Company was born.

female farmer in field
Venise at the farm, captured by Rylea of Bow and Arrows Photography

With my new mobile bar company, I began crafting cocktail mixers using the ingredients from my own small garden and the farms of others: our neighbors, friends, and mentors in the farm community here on the Plateau who my sister had introduced to me. Soon enough, I went knocking on the door of my sister’s farm looking for some help growing our “garden to glass” cocktail ingredients.

happy camper cocktails mobile bar
Belinda in the Happy Camper mobile bar, photo by Jennifer Tai photography

Three years after its start, Happy Camper Cocktails has become a bustling mobile bar company. Since that very first event, we’ve been fielding requests to bottle our signature syrups so clients can recreate our drinks at home.

Garden to Glass cocktails from the comfort of your home

I promise you can recreate this in about 60 seconds at home, using our Marionberry Mint Syrup! Photo by Meredith McKee

With Simple Goodness Syrups, Venise and I are combining our time, talents, and hearts into producing a product we’re extremely proud of. Some of you have watched the process unfold via Instagram and saw our bottling process in Elmira, OR at Sweet Creek Foods. (That is a blog post for another day- what an experience! Three 72 gallon batches of simple syrup bottled in one day was an intense 24 hours and included a big lesson in recipe calculations, a flat tire, a 6 hour red-knuckled drive hauling the trailer, and a lot of laughs.) Some of you have been tasters along the way, some of you have shared our story with your friends, some of you have been the constant bees in our bonnets telling us “we want syrups NOW!” and we appreciate it all!

To say there was a learning curve would be an understatement. To say these syrups are the best in Washington state would not be an overstatement, in my humble opinion. We put our hearts and souls into these syrups. We made decisions carefully, even when they were more expensive and meant less profit, because we wanted a product we could be THAT proud of. We bottled a locally and sustainable-grown product with zero preservatives or additives and we did so in a recyclable bottle made in America. Effyeah! We did it for you guys and now you can finally buy them.

Where to buy Simple Goodness Syrups

Without further ado, here is the link:

You can buy all 3 of our initial launch flavors online at that link, as well as at the farm this weekend in Buckley at Venise’s annual Garlic and Goats Festival.

Thank you for your support along the way, your demand for this product, and your patience as we will inevitably mess up the fulfillment and shipping process a few times. Lord knows, we “grow by doing”, and “done is better than perfect,” and we “eat this elephant one bite at a time.”



the Simple Goodness Sisters, Venise and Belinda

simple goodness sisters
captured by Rylea of Bow and Arrows Photography



The "glass" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, bartender, recipe developer, younger sister and karaoke lover.

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