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Those last ten pounds

It’s been sixteen months of carrying the extra ten pounds that everyone promised breastfeeding would take care of so I am finally to the point where I am ready to start a workout routine. Summer is calling and I really want to spend my free time in a swimming suit playing in the water with Deyton. But with these extra ten pounds lingering, I am just not feeling confident in swimming suit. Anyone else with me?
This is how I want to spend my summer.


The last couple of days I have been reworking my schedule to see how I can fit in gym time between working, commuting, farm chores and hanging with Deyton.  I could drag myself out of  bed at 5:00AM go to the gym then after working out go back home, get Deyton ready and then begin my 2 hour commute to work. Seeing as I simply CANNOT operate on less than 8 hours of sleep this is not a good plan (#notamorningperson). The other option was to grab Deyton on my way home from work, hand her off to Ross for dinner and then go to the gym which means never seeing my child awake which was also not an option (#momlife). So then I decided I just needed to get my butt out of the house, strap Deyton in a stroller when I get home and go running. But then I realized we live on rural roads with no shoulders and big trucks that whiz past (#rurallife) and seeing as it’s past dark by the time I get home, I ended up on the couch watching my current Netflix obsession, Friday Night Lights.

Frustrated with my lack of progress but not willing to give up I decided to try Daily Burn for the first time last night. I had looked at it as a perk for our employees at work because I really liked the idea that we could bring the gym to our super busy employees rather than pay for them to go to the gym. Daily Burn is basically an online group workout…the modern day version of a Susan Summers DVD. Except you get a different workout every day, there is an online community of folks to help keep you on track and after you are done with the workout you don’t have to use precious shelf space to store the DVD.

I did my first #blackfire workout last night with Bob Harper and LOVED it (#biggestloserfan). I plugged in my Amazon Fire Stick (although you can use a variety of devices), pushed all my furniture to the side, sat Deyton on the couch with her bedtime bottle and rolled out my yoga mat. It only took 36 minutes for the whole workout and in total it lasts sixty days. I selected the program because it is considered a hard program but can be tailered to beginners as well. It felt a lot like the short, intense conditioning sessions I loved as a gymnast and recovery days are yoga days which is something I really want to try to get better at considering my flexibility really needs work. It also requires very little equipment and most of the equipment I already have or is easily substituted with a little ingenuity (a block of wood I found in the barn was my box last night). As I sweated through my first workout, Deyton  drank her bottle and watched me and when she was done she played on the floor with me. She thought it was hilarious watching me do burpees and situps and pushed me extra hard by climbing in my lap while I did dips. Listening to her adorable baby giggles made the workout way more enjoyable than it would have been listening to some lady at the gym grunt and groan.

So, I have decided I am going to stick with this for the entire 60 days. To keep myself on track I recently joined a group my very smart and passionate cousin, Shannon McMahon, started on Facebook called Be the Best You 46 where we will all lift each other up as we try to reach our goals. As an Exercise and Sport Science student she will be motivating us for 46 days starting February 10th (the beginning of Lent) by sharing research backed tips and tricks that align with all of our goals whether it be eating healthier, losing the baby weight, giving up candy or just simplifying life. If you are setting some goals and want to join a group of people who will help motivate you please join us! Additionally, if you are interested in trying Daily Burn with me I would LOVE to work out with you. Daily Burn makes it really easy to join a group, chat about the workouts, share workout scores and keep one another motivated. Being the competitive person I am I love the idea of using others’ accomplishments to fire me up. If you would like to join me click on the links in this post and then leave a comment below so I can make sure to look for you! The first 30 days are free so we have nothing to lose except some of that extra weight!


The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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