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Girl Crush: Joanna Gaines

Every woman between the ages of 25 and 65 is obsessed with her remodels, exquisite taste in pillows, witty husband, and gorgeous sun kissed babies. Yes of course I am talking about Joanna Gaines. Even more so, we’re obsessed with the wholesome family fun the Gaines family models on their weekly show. They make the American dream look really good, and we actually believe in their happiness and strong values.

So I wasn’t surprised when I was moved and impressed by this video when a friend sent it. The Gaines don’t hide their Christianity from their viewers, rather they wear it through their actions and attitudes in their daily life, which we get a peek into through the cameras. I don’t think its my signature naivety that makes me believe that they are this way through and through, cameras off or on. There are a lot of reasons why Joanna is my #1 girl crush. I am inspired by her intentional parenting, bringing her children on the job when possible and creating teaching moments even when it would be more convenient to keep work and life separate. I am inspired by her perfectly understated “streamlined Texas” capsule style wardrobe on reveal days (the demo day tees and baseball caps are cute, too.) Mostly though, I’m super inspired by her ability to dream big and have faith. God filled in her dreams and then kept going- the woman has a bakery and coffee shop next to her design warehouse and store! Could life get any better than that??!

In light of our recent dedication to big dreams, as well as our constant goal of living a life of warmth, righteousness and faith, here is Joanna’s testimony.  I hope it’s as inspiring to you as it was to me!





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  • Bree

    She is an inspiration! I was just binge watching their show last night on HGTV 🙂 I think it is amazing how beautiful her house/farm/garden is, and how she is able to work on homes, tend her own homestead, have her own warehouse AND still seem to have quality time with 4 kids and her husband! I had recently watched their testimony story too and it just makes me so happy to see how they can share their love for God through their love for each other and others on public tv!

    • belindalucielle

      Totally agree Bree! She does do so much but stays calm, down to earth, and just brings her family along for the ride. It’s awesome to see them all do it together.

    • belindalucielle

      I know! I love how she closed the shop first and was worried about it but knew it was what she needed to do…and now has come back 10 fold! I never knew that part

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