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Hello 2016- Belinda’s Resolutions


This year I thought through my New Year’s resolutions as we think about our Simple Goodness life, and categorized my intentions for 2016 within farm, life, home, and food. I don’t have a farm, so I got out of that one really easily. My goals are already 25% easier to achieve!


Live in the moment, slow it down, keep it simple. I try daily to remind myself of this. I feel like life just isn’t set up this way anymore and it takes a dedicated effort to remind ourselves to unplug and maintain presence. This year I want to read the newspaper cover to cover a few times (one of my most treasured ways to spend a weekend morning), make big Sunday suppers for my family, and take meandering toddler walks that last hours but travel only a few blocks.

I’m also going to try to untether myself a bit this year by focusing my social media activity on Simple Goodness rather than consistently updating both it and my personal accounts, and by using some great blogger tools we’ve discovered like the app hootsuite. I will check in occasionally with the friends I have online but REALLY want to be sure I’m not checking out from the people who I have right in front of me, 1:1. My family deserves more of my time and as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more comfortable with the idea of my circle growing tighter. It’s close-knit, and it’s filled with the people who I love and who have earned my undivided, untethered attention. My curiosity to explore the world and collect wonderful people I meet along the way has not waned, but the attention I pay daily deserves to be wisely and intentionally spent.

worth slowing down for
These two are well worth slowing down for


Make my bed every morning- simple and achievable, and already I love the result. I love climbing into a fresh, pretty bed at the end of the day. This little task is always listed in magazine articles as one of the “top 10 habits of happy people” and I have no idea what the psychological reasoning for that is, but I like it.

Day 1 success
Day 1 success! Mr. Kelly built me a beautiful bed that deserves lots of pillows. But I draw the line at ironing.


I’d like to grow an early spring garden this year. My summer gardens have been wonderful for our plates and my pantry and I’d like to get an early start this year for an even bigger bounty. I’ll have to begin planning for it soon, so please let me know in the comments what you’ve successfully grown in the PNW late winter/ Spring season!

Moving forward…

On New Year’s Eve Mr. Kelly and I shared a long, lovely, exhausting and inspiring talk somewhat within the “come to Jesus” category, reflecting on 2015 and discussing the goals we have for our family in the following year. We’re looking forward to working on our cute little 1966 vintage travel trailer (she still needs a name! Got any suggestions?) and growing our cocktail catering business with her. We’re also looking forward to the changes that will come as Henry grows and continues to discover the world around him. As we spoke we realized our biggest learning from 2015 was that parenting is damned hard, especially in conjunction with a lot of other life goals we have. So, above all else, our family goal is to pass time together without the “to do” list in mind. New Year’s day was our first such outing, and our lunch & hike in North Bend was absolutely perfect. I hope that everyone had a wonderful start to 2016 as well; spent with the people, animals and places you love.

the Snoqualmie River, 1/1/2016
the Snoqualmie River, 1/1/2016


Happy New Year!




The "glass" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, bartender, recipe developer, younger sister and karaoke lover.

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