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Ready for 2016


Yesterday, Belinda wrote about how Henry’s innocence and enthusiasm saved her Christmas spirit. Usually, Belinda and I follow very parallel paths and I can easily relate to what she is going through, but when it comes to wanting to keep the Christmas spirit going on into the New Year, I just can’t.

This Christmas, like all Christmas’, was busy but this year it felt exceptionally busy. I am not sure if it was because I was working more this year or if it was because Deyton is a year older and since she’s walking now, our lives in general are busier. I felt like the festive season rushed right past me.

Of course I had big goals of being more organized and prepared for the big day. I made my online shopping list before Thanksgiving. I bought all the supplies for my homemade gifts before December. I had our Christmas card photo selected and ready to print. I vowed to wrap all the presents as I bought them and organize them in boxes according to what party they went to which is totally necessary when you have SEVEN Christmas functions to attend in the course of four days.

However, as it usually does, life got in the way and somehow December 23rd rolled around and I was hoping and praying the mailman would come with the last remaining gifts, I was feverishly working on hand made jewlery, I still hadn’t printed the Christmas card photos let alone gathered addresses and and I hadn’t even picked up wrapping supplies yet. Somehow, by the grace of God and a very helpful husband I wrestled Christmas into it’s designated boxes late in the evening of December 23rd and hit the sack preparing for the whirlwind that was about to ensue.

The next four days were wonderful although a bit hazy due to multiple midnight wakeups because Deyton was cutting four molars all at the same time and maybe one too many glasses full of cheer. In between all the laughter, thoughtful gifts and celebrating of old and new traditions, we managed to forget those carefully organized boxes of gifts not once but twice, resulting in extra time on the road, late party arrivals and a frazzled Cunningham couple.

At the end of it all, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you, I was feeling a bit suffocated by Christmas. I had boxes of incredibly thoughtful and lovely gifts but no extra space in my small farmhouse to put them all. I had multiple plates of delicious desserts lining my counters but a tummy ache from four days of feasting like a queen. The Christmas tree was still a thing of beauty in my living room but it was ready to go up in flames at any moment!

So, on December 27, I decided I was done with Christmas and I packed it all up. I dragged the tree outside and let Farmer Ross torch it off (one of his favorite parts of Christmas). I packed away a bunch of clothes and toys we no longer use to make room for the new ones. And I put all the extra desserts into the fridge with the hope that Ross would slowly make his way through them.

And then, I got really excited for 2016. I started think about about everything that will happen in the upcoming year. On my last day of work before the holiday vacation, I was given a promotion so I started thinking about my career what I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. I thought about how Ross will be joining me at Redfin as a real estate agent and how big of change this is for him and our family. I thought about all I want to do on the farm, including building a farm kitchen, hosting extra parties, raising baby goats and cows, expanding our crops, hosting our first annual garlic festival and continuing to network with fellow farmers. I thought about all the dreams Belinda and I have for this blog and the work we want to do to build a Simple Goodness brand. I thought about how much Deyton will grow in 2016. She will learn so many words and get to experience so many more things for the very first time. And I made goals one of which is to finish remodeling our home. I want to put the finishing touches on the remodel we started almost three years ago. There is so much to look forward to and I am so excited for you all to follow along and join us in our new adventures. So, good bye Christmas and hello 2016!

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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