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Happy Labor Day



A farm is truly a labor of love. I love coming home and looking at my old barn and silo. I love digging in the dirt and checking on my little garden. I love harvesting garlic and meeting customers at our annual garlic sale (happening now). I love making my rounds and visiting the cows (two new ones recently added), chickens, goats and pigs (if you follow our Instagram or Facebook accounts you would know we added pigs recently) when I get home from my 9-5! And, I love sharing all the simple goodness with my family and friends. It is the love of farming and rural living that I put in the extra hours, occasionally blood and a few times tears to our little farm. Across America there are farmers who labor tirelessly so that their families and the rest of the nation has food to eat. Today, we will be gathering with family for one last BBQ before the rain starts to pour and we will grill up some delicious hamburgers and brats and feast on salads all thanks to the hard work of farmers. So, on this labor day I want to say THANK YOU  to everyone out there who works in acres, not hours (because there are way too many to count them all) and HAPPY LABOR DAY!



The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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