First Annual Easter Egg Hunt

I’m not eggaxctly sure why (see what I did there?), but Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I guess I am simple to please- Jello jigglers (we literally ONLY ever had these at Easter as a kid), a new dress and a pretty, uplifting church service and I am a happy girl. And while almost every Easter in my memory is filled with rain, this year the weather was on our side and the farm was flooded with sunshine and kiddos for the first annual Eggstravaganza (yup, had to.) The pictures are so filled with color and fun and joy that I am already eggcited for next year (ok, I’m done.)

Everyone I spoke with echoed the sentiment that my sister knows how to throw one heckuva Easter party. First farmer Ross transported the kids in the new hay wagon to the muddy back pasture for an farm style egg hunt. After all were properly soiled and laden down with bags and baskets of eggs, the party moved back to the barn lawn where Venise played referee for fun egg games including an egg toss and an egg roll to rival the president’s annual event on the white house lawn.

With this party to look forward to for years to come, and Henry and all of his little friends (there are babies EVERYWHERE lately and I love it!) to enjoy it with, I have even more reasons to be thankful on Easter Sunday. Thanks to all who came and shared this special Sunday with us at the Simple Goodness farm! Let me know in the comments if you want any of these pictures emailed to you, all the kids looked so great!

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