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Enumclaw Series: Introduction

“Enumclaw may come across as a cow town if you’re just passing through, but its much more diverse and sophisticated after a closer look”. That’s what Enumclaw’s resident brewer, Eric Brandjes, was quoted as saying in the February feature article in Sunset Magazine’s Where to Go This Weekend series about the town that Belinda and I have been known to paint blue on more than one occasion.

In fact, Enumclaw is such a fun community, full of small town charm, that when we decided to put down our roots, we decided Enumclaw was a place we wanted to call home. Belinda and her hubby  recently purchased an older craftsman home in the historic part of downtown while Farmer Ross  and I opted to cross the bridge where taxes are cheaper and county regulations are more farm friendly. We settled into the smaller neighboring town Buckley, Washington. The two towns have everything we were looking for, intense football rivalries, small town diners and rich agricultural histories.

It seems that we aren’t the only ones who appreciate the uniqueness of the area. In fact, Encumalw has been getting some pretty great press lately.  In February, Enumclaw was featured  as a place to go this weekend in the Westphoria pages  of Sunset Magazine. The local pie shop, butcher shop and book store  along with other local favorites were featured as must sees.


The real buzz around town was a video shot by Carhart about our unique weather patterns. If there is one thing Enumclaw residents love it is most definitely their Carhart apparel. Carhart is the Gucchi of Enucmlaw. In fact, I just cleaned out our coat closet this weekend and Farmer Ross has no less than 8 Carhart jackets all in varying states of completeness. Any true Enumclaw resident knows that one Carhart jacket is never enough. At the very least you need one for work and one for getting dressed up! One of the very fist gifts Ross gave me when we started dating was a brand new Carhart jacket with my name embroidered on the right chest. Nothing says true love like Carhart. And don’t get me started on Carhart pants. Be still my heart when Farmer Ross throws on his double front Carhart jeans and goes to work on the tractor! The Carhart video highlights the work ethic of the loggers, farmers and tradesmen of the plateau (which there are a lot of). It showcases the motto so many of us live by…if you can’t work in the rain, you can’t work in Washington!

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Since Enumclaw and the rest of our pretty little plateau has so much to offer in the way of small town charm, damp weather patterns  and agricultural heritage, Belinda and I wanted to share a few of our favorite things about living on the plateau in our first ever blog series! Some of our favorite places were included in the Sunset magazine feature and we will most definitely include them in our series. However, many of our favorite things were left out of the feature and we think they deserve the spotlight too! So, join us in the next few months as we share our favorite hang outs and brag about the communities we call home!

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.


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