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Today I was going to blog about the small community I live in and all the things that make it unique. I was going to introduce a new series on the blog where we write about the small town charm that makes Enumclaw and Buckley, Washington great. But then I got on Facebook and saw a post published by the mothers of  one of our local hometown heroes  that made me put my post on hold.

Howie the Cancer Ninja was a three year old boy who passed away from Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, on November 28, 2014. I never knew Howie, but I know many did and I know because of my Facebook feed that he was deeply loved. I followed along via Facebook as this little cancer warrior  fought for his life. Despite having an entire community praying for him and hoping for a miracle it wasn’t enough to save him. Just like the 4% that the taxpayer funded National Cancer Institute devotes to childhood cancer research isn’t enough. Howie, and all the children fighting for their lives need more. Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children and adolescents in the United States and the children who are fighting cancer need  funds, research, advanced medicine and ultimately a cure.

And so, rather than publish a picture of my favorite breakfast cafe in Enumclaw to highlight how great my community is,  I have decided to post a picture that honors the bravery of the children fighting cancer, the siblings supporting their sick brothers and sisters and the parents who have had to live with the horror. Because it is the children in a community that give it life and make it special and our children deserve #morethan4.

Below are the pictures I took of my daughter Deyton doing her part to help the cause. I know from experience that cancer can strike the ones you love most  when you least expect it so  I share our photos on my blog, Facebook and Instagram account because if I were faced with the horror of having a child diagnosed with cancer I would hope that the world would rally around my angel. And now, I challenge you to join Deyton and I. Take a picture with the  NCI Selfie Campaign sign and post it to your social media accounts with the hashtag #morethan4. This campaign is not about raising money, its about raising awareness and the goal is to use our social media accounts to #bethechange. If you would like more information about childhood cancer please visit  and if you would like to follow Howie’s family in their fight to honor Howies memory and find a cure for childhood cancer please visit the Howie, the Cancer Ninja Facebook page.





As you can see Deyton is checking everything out these days with her mouth 🙂

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  • Team Captain

    Thank you for highlighting the fact that enough is not being done for childhood cancer. My grandson was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 15 months. He is a “survivor’ and like other children who have also “survived,” his journey is not over. 98% of survivors have major, including 2/3 who have life-threatening, health problems because of the toxic adult drugs and radiation used to “cure” them. 35% of all those diagnosed will not live more than 30 more years. Our community holds a special place in our hearts for people who elect to help and have not been directly affected by childhood cancer. Thank you.

  • belindalucielle

    We will pray for your grandson. So happy to hear that he is doing well today! Thank YOU for the incredible and important work you’re doing, we are all too happy to help in our small way!

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