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Valentine’s Day Wish List 3 Ways- the small, local, and spectacular shops we’re loving right now

Growing up, we were taught by our mama to never be afraid to ask for the things you want in life. This was a strong feminist lesson about having self-confidence, and at its core was the belief that we are worthy as people and merit the best and biggest in life. At its surface, the same lesson was frequently demonstrated in the retail sense. Our feisty mama was never afraid to ask for things she wanted, and ask she did! One of her favorite phrases was “if you ever want to get me something…” On this ever expanding list was Chanel no. 5 perfume, l’occitane hand cream, bedazzled cowboy boots, bouquets of lilacs and irises, and the list went on.

Now that I am married I realize what a good example she set. I can’t assume that my darling husband, as sweet as he is, can read my mind. From holiday wish lists to asking him for quality time together, hinting just won’t cut it. Hints may seem clear as day to me, but they usually baffle the poor handsome devil. Rather than be disappointed, bitter or think that he doesn’t listen to me, I’ve learned to be very clear about asking for what I need. When I communicate clearly what I want and need, both of us are happier in the end.

So in the spirit of our mama and her favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together our own “if you ever want to get me anything” lists. There are some really great small vendors in the collections below, including an army veteran, mom, and wife to a wounded warrior (feather and filly leather baby moccasins and shoes); a husband and wife print making pair (Old Try sweet home sign); genius ingénue mom of Jones Market (pretty teething necklaces); all great small shops to support. So here goes a very strong hint of a post, featuring all of the items that we’re loving right now. Husbands take note…

Belinda: valentines wishlist Sweet home in plaid sign | Holly Williams the Highway | Shoot the Skies photo book benefitting the campaign to end child trafficking | Escape bag | Vintage radio and Bluetooth speaker| Gold bangles | George Ezra LP

Venise: valentinesday2 silver vintage locket for Deyton and Ross’ pictures (similar)| Nursing friendly maxi dress | soap mold and string Cutter| non-toxic tuggable teething necklace | Goose Down Feather Comforter

the babes: valentines babies leg warmers | knit monster booties | leather mary janes | leather moccasins | wooden peace teether | Babiators sunglasses| slouchy beanie hat

Whose list are you loving most? Are you more like Venise, simple and serene? Or does the bohemian vibe of Belinda get your inner-hipster excited? I think we can all agree the baby items are the cutest things in the world and Henry and Deyton need ALL of them. Let us know what YOU’RE asking for this Valentine’s Day in the comments!

The "glass" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, bartender, recipe developer, younger sister and karaoke lover.

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