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Selfies for Nanny

Our Nanny, the inspiration of Simple Goodness, died last year on October 5th. But more importantly, she lived for 94 energetic, selfless and inspiring years before that. She touched and taught her husband of 67 years, 8 children, 29 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and countless friends and church parishioners. She left this world a better and warmer place when she left it last year, because of both her spirit and the legacy of handmade quilts she gifted to many of those she loved.

I spent Sunday morning staring at my son as he did tummy time on the quilt nanny made for me when I was born. I was wishing that she could meet him and the 4 other great-grandbabies who have been added to the family since her passing, and that they could grow up with her example like we did. I thought about it while he lay there happily, miraculously happy for a one month old doing tummy time, and getting a little sad. And then I reminded myself that while she is no longer here to spend time with him, her influence continues. Nanny will be a part of his life through the stories I tell him, the family he grows up with who were shaped by her themselves, and through this quilt.

And this gave me an idea. To honor and celebrate this wonderful woman, I hope that each of the many loved ones who were touched by Nanny will post a picture similar to Henry’s below, of them enjoying a moment that reminds them of her, a “nanny selfie”. When you post your picture on Facebook or Instagram with a Nanny quilt, a huckleberry pie or a game of Yahtzee, please tag Simple Goodness, Venise or myself in it. Then, on October 25th, what would have been her 95th birthday, we’ll post all of the pictures together here on the blog, creating a quilt of memories.

Optimistically, I hope to collect as many as we can, to make her “quilt” as colorful as possible. But mostly, I look forward to sharing our memories and seeing warm reminders of the grandmother I love among the cat videos, food pictures and political commentary of my social media feed over the next eighteen days.

Here are the first two squares:

Henry Kelly enjoying Nanny's quilt
Henry Kelly enjoying Nanny’s quilt


Deyton Cunningham snuggling with Venise's Nanny quilt
Deyton Cunningham snuggling with Venise’s Nanny quilt

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