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Sock Madness!

My husband is very picky about his feet. Anyone who knows him knows he hates to get his feet wet and spends lots of time making sure his feet are comfortable. Socks play a big role in his feet’s comfort and despite how many socks he gets for Christmas he is never satisfied. He has a sock need for every occasion. Ankle socks for summer, special wool socks for winter, the list goes on. And his sock needs change without warning. For example the other day he told me he couldn’t find all his brown socks. Apparently he had bought a 20 pack of brown socks and couldn’t find a single one.

I hate matching up socks and I am the opposite. I have one sock preference: light weight ankle socks are fine for all seasons. So when I did laundry the other day (not a common occurrence at our house) I was shocked and disgusted that we had an entire laundry basket full of socks. I refused to match them up without Ross’ help since they were 90% his.

Well, today I set out to do laundry once again noticed our sock basket never got touched. It still sat in the corner of our bedroom gathering dust. So, here I am sitting on the couch looking at a heaping pile of socks and debating whether I chuck them all in the garbage and start fresh with Ross’ sock preference of the month or match them all up and restart the cycle of sock madness.

So I ask all my reader… What would you do? Do you have a sock issue? How do you handle too many socks?


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