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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! I love you all. On the farm we are lucky because we get to experience the miracle life every spring. We get to see natural motherly instincts at their finest. The transformation a new mama goat goes through as soon as her first baby is on the ground is always inspiring. The last couple weeks we have had a few of our does kid and each time I learn something new about the nature of the mother. I cannot teach a mama goat to do what she does, it comes 100% naturally. Each mothers their babies in special, unique ways and it is fun to watch their kids thrive!

From the moment their kids are on the ground, mama goats get to work. Imagine, they just pushed a large baby out of a hole that has never been that size all on their own. No drugs, just plain old hard work and suffering. Then as soon as that kid is on the ground they are up licking it off and making sure it is breathing. They don’t worry about the fact that they are pushing out the second kid, they do two amazing things at once. Then, when all her kids are on the ground and clean she EATS the afterbirth. Likely not because she wants to but because she is removing any evidence that she has young, vulnerable kids for preying predators. She protects her kids without thought of herself. Then after all the pushing and sore muscles she stands and lets her kids bump her very tender udder repeatedly so they can figure out how to nurse. Her legs are tired, her body is sore. She is hungry and thirsty yet she puts her kids needs in front of her own. That is what mothers do. It is natural, instinctual and absolutely amazing. Each goat and human mom has their ways of mothering and how God works in each mother is miraculous and perfect.

This mothers day I am thankful for for every mother who has come into my life. There are so many and they are all so special to me. I am blessed. I have a large family with lots of moms. It makes celebrating mothers day very busy for Ross and I but it is worth it, because these moms have done so much for us. The simple goodness truth is that we would not be where we are today without them. Each mom whether ours, our grandparents, our aunts, our cousins or our friends are all so important to us and we are truly thankful for their sacrifices and love. You really do make the world a great place!

For the mothers who raised us we want to say a special thank you! You have taken care of our basic needs, you have nursed us to health when we were sick, you gave us food before you fed yourselves, you protected us and kept us alive (a miracle especially for Ross’ mother Debi) and you nurtured us so that we felt safe, loved and important our whole lives. Even though we are adults and able to stand on our own you never stop loving us. You still put us before yourselves. You still check on us and help in whatever ways you can and you unconditionally love us. Thank you for everything and Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of the special moms I made a little photo collage. There are some goats, some cows and a whole lot of human moms. I am so happy they have been a part of my life. They have taught me how to love.

And now for my most faithful readers who have taken the time to read my long thank you and scroll through family memories, I will share BIG news for the farm! I felt it would be an appropriate time to announce that Ross and I are expecting! That’s right, in October I will join the ranks of all the amazing moms out there and we will (God willing of course) welcome a baby GIRL to the farm! We are so excited to share our baby girl with all our readers and most especially our families. Below is a video of Ross’ mother finding out we are expecting. Of course my battery died at the very end before I could catch her tears on video, but needless to say we have some very excited moms looking forward to being grandmas!

Since both Belinda and I are pregnant (6 weeks apart) don’t be too surprised if the blog starts to expend into topics of motherhood, pregnancy and preparing for a whole new world! We will both be brand new at this and will have lots of learning to do, but luckily we have some great moms to look up to! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.


  • Cheri

    A baby girl!!!!! We are thrilled the Simple Goodness Farm will have another fun, smart, spirited, and talented female to keep us smiling and entertained. Congratulations! Mike and Cheri

  • GeorgeAnn Ellis

    Hallelujah! We can’t wait to meet baby Cunningham.
    GD (Grandpa Dennis). GG (Granny GeorgeAnn). And Aunt Ruby

    • Venise

      Thank you! She will have a great auntie to look up to and Ruby will have some babysitting jobs to help pay for gas when the time comes 🙂

  • melissa

    I am so excited for baby girl!!! Her bff is kicking me in the… well lets not go there… but she’s very excited too! Congratulations Cunningham’s. She will be one amazing kiddo with parents like the two of you. I for one cannot wait! YAY.

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