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Mama’s Baby Bump

Yesterday we had the vet out to Pregnancy check Mama. Mama wouldn’t let the vet anywhere near her with his shoulder high plastic sleeve so he bumped her on the side instead. “Bumping” is basically applying a light nudge on the right hand side of the belly feeling for a bony mass. The vet definitely felt the calf wiggling around in there.

Mama is so far along that you can tell just by looking at her that she is pregnant. The vet said the calf is definitely decent sized based on how large she is. We were a bit worried about her having a calf that is too large but the vet reassured us that Jersey cows deliver easily because they have wider pelvic openings than other breeds. He guessed that Mama should calf in the next six weeks and told us to start looking for the labor signs including bagging up and loose ligaments along the tail head. We are feeling pretty confident in terms of knowing the signs because besides the size, goats and cows are very similar in the labor and delivery department.

We didn’t want to leave Charlotte out so before the vet left he gave her a vaccination and little pet. I am so happy we have a great vet. It really does make all the difference when you can learn from them and they are willing to take the time to teach you. We are very thankful for Plateau Vet in Enumclaw!

Mama showing off her baby bump:


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