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American Young

Ever rant on Facebook? Well, I did recently when I heard that I certain country singer’s song was at the top of the charts. I couldn’t help but keep my mouth (or typing fingers) quiet and I let all my innocent Facebook friends know  just how terrible I think the song is and how I feel as though it exemplifies the demise of country music. I called the song the Walmart of country music. I was irritated to say the least. I only left the rant up for a few minutes before feeling guilty and deleting it.

But really, I can’t be the only one who is tired of hearing songs about trucks, beer and partying with the same ole’ chords and rhymes. One of my personal mantras is that if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. So, today I am going to promote a song I think is worthy of being a number one song. It is by American Young and the female singer, Christy Osmunson, also wrote Cheater, Cheater which is one of my all time favorite dancing songs (I love the witty lyrics). I love the melody and the instrumentals of this song. When I hear it makes me want to find a front porch swing. It is so simple and so dang good!

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  • Cheri Arkell

    oooh…I really enjoyed this. So much better than the canned formula songs made to make $$$$$. I support your deleted rant against predictable, overdone, run of the mill music for the masses 🙂

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