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The Rodenator In Action

No matter where you live in Western Washington, if you have a yard it is likely you have a mole problem (I am guesings moles are a problem in other places as well). Moles are not picky about the yards they ruin. Whether you aim to win the best groomed lawn award in your neighborhood or are trying to up your hay production from last year, moles will get in your way and if you are anything like my husband Ross, you will spend hours drafting your plan of attack.

Ross has tried pretty much everything to get rid of moles. He has tried marking their routes each morning and strategically setting traps. Last year he spent a few weeks sitting outside after work in a lawn chair and beer in had waiting for them to come out and blasting them with a shot gun. This year, however, it became very apparent that we had a mole problem that no trap or shotgun could fix. With 10 acres to protect from burrowing moles, it was too much for one man, we had ACRES of mole hills. Not only being unpleasant to look at, it became obvious that our mole problem was affecting our hay production. The hills were burying and killing the grass underneath and the rodents were eating the roots of the grass. So unlike at our old house where moles were an annoying pest, the moles here are straight up enemies on our turf!

photo 2 (15)
Acres of mole hills!

So, Ross set out to battle our mole problem the best way he knows how, with fire power. Generally speaking, if there is a way to complete a task with the use of fire power, Ross will find it! It is this mentality that lead us to being the proud new owner of a Rodenator and enlist in the war against burrowing rodents!

The Rodentaor is a fancy device that is “the ultimate hand held device that delivers concussive force into tunnels and burrows of unwanted rodents”. Simply put, it administers propane and oxygen into the mole tunnels and then detonates it, causing the tunnels to collapse and instantly kills any mole or rodent in the tunnels. The best part of Rodenator is that it is certified as an organic pest exterminator and the only by-product of the Rodenator is water vapor. After watching hours of YouTube videos on “How To Kill Moles” and doing research on the Rodentaor, Ross decided our farm just had to have one of these!

photo 4 (11)
The Rodenator
photo 1 (14)
Ross and the Rodenator

I have to admit the Rodenator was pretty fun to watch and very effective (at least in blowing apart the tunnels). I will check in with you and let you know how many moles have returned. For more information on the Rodenator and in depth information on how moles live and burrow you can check out The Rodenator website.  To see the Rodenator in action check out Ross’ first ever video blog below! I hope you enjoy and feel free to share with anyone you know who has a mole problem of their own or just likes to see things blow up!

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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  • Brian

    How much fun is that! The Rodenator is a very fine tool that works! My neighbor has killed every burrowing pest he can find in the neighborhood with a Rodenator. Not a burrowing critter left in the area. I love watching him use that thing, it is very impressive.

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