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New Years Resolution

According to research printed in the Journal of Clinical Psychology the top three New Years Resolutions for 2014 are lose weight, get organized, and spend less and save more. Typically I am not one to make resolutions on New Years. The idea of trying to stay focused on one goal throughout the entire year bores me. Instead I try to set daily, weekly or monthly goals that are exciting and relevant to what is going on in my life. I have no idea what next week will bring me let alone what will be going on in my life six months from now. For example, I could set a goal of saving money in 2014 and then in three months the most amazing investment opportunity could come along that would require I spend a big chunk of money. Would I pass on it because of some dumb resolution? Probably not.

Which is why when the rest of the world was setting resolutions for 2014 I set a resolution for the end of the week. It has been six months since we moved into our new farmhouse and at the end of 2013 we still had a room full of unpacked boxes. I found myself buying new things simply because I didn’t want to unpack the old things. How incredibly wasteful! Not only was I wasting a whole lot of stuff but I was also wasting money. So, before I allowed myself to buy another item for the house I promised myself I would unpack and organize the stuff I already have. Concept! It took me ALL day! But I am proud to say that the room that was full to the brim not only has a few boxes left that will eventually be moved into an office space that we haven’t yet created and pictures that need to be hung on the wall.

You can't hardly walk in the room.
You can’t hardly walk in the room.
You can see the floor!
You can see the floor!

My other goal for the week was to try to organize my cleaning supplies. I have so many and hate to throw them away, but I can never find what I am looking for in the small cabinet they are in. I had originally thought about installing shelves so I could at least see everything I had, but then when I was unpacking my boxes I found an old shoe organizer that I no longer need. I remembered seeing a Facebook post about using the shoe organizer as a way to organize cleaning supplies so I went to work! I purged all the supplies I no longer use (carpet cleaner) and those that were near empty and organized the rest. I LOVE it! Not only is it nice to get them out from under the sink but I can actually SEE all my supplies! Genius! And now that both my resolutions have been kept, I get to start a new one! Happy New Years everybody, I hope 2014  is simple and good for you and you loved ones!

Shoe organizer turned cleaning supplies organizer!
Shoe organizer turned cleaning supplies organizer!

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