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Weekend Recap

It isn’t often that Ross and I get a four day weekend off TOGETHER so we decided to make the most of it! We went on vacation…NOT! We got s#*t done! My grandpa Val has a saying that describes how I feel looking back on these last four days, “we got more done on accident than most people do on purpose”!

Thursday was Thanksgiving so we woke up early, did morning chores and headed to my mom’s house for family pictures session (sans Belinda’s husband because he couldn’t be bothered during his fishing date with the guys which Belinda was none too pleased about). After the picture session we proceeded a few miles to my dad’s house to set the beautiful Thanksgiving table and finish our cooking assignments. I decided to play it safe this year and go with what I know best so my contribution was apple pie, mashed potatoes and rolls. Turns out the kitchen Gods didn’t like something I did because each dish failed in one way or another. But rather than dwell on the negatives I am going to look at my glass as half full (of apple cider and fireball whiskey which is my favorite holiday treat right now) and talk about how well the rest of the weekend went.

My failed apple pie in the background.
My failed apple pie in the background.

Friday we decided to skip the busy malls with all their Black Friday deals – let’s be real we never even considered it an option. Instead, while everyone was busy hoarding their Christmas presents we decided to get the barn buttoned up for the upcoming cold weather we keep hearing about. The calving barn has been without front doors since we framed in the front so Ross took to the task of putting up the doors in hopes of keeping it warmer for the cows and goats. We spent the morning installing the track that Ross had to welded together to make two 12′ openings. The plan is to make two big doors out of ten 10 lite TDL doors that we got from the Millwork Outlet . However, somehow along the way we miscounted and we only had eight doors painted and ready so we had to put that project on hold until we could pick up two more doors. So later that afternoon we went to the feed store to replenish our feed and gather some last minute cold weather supplies. In the evening I painted the bead board in my kitchen (a project I will share soon) in hopes that by Christmas day our kitchen will be ready enough to host a dinner.

photo 3 (5) photo 2 (6)

Saturday, with a cold front and rainy weather on our heels, we were working machines. We had two major tasks we needed to accomplish. The first was to figure out what to do with our chickens. Since getting the eight new chickens they have been overtaking the barn! They are hiding their eggs all over the barn and every day is like an Easter egg hunt. I have found them in the hay stacks, in the goat feeder, and in the goat pen on the ground where they get stepped on. Additionally, they are making a big poopy mess as they walk around and poop where ever they please. Since we couldn’t get the doors on the barn there is no way to keep them out unless they are cooped up. But 13 chickens is way too many for our small 5 chicken coop. So we had to get creative and figure out a place where our chickens are safe from the cold weather but out of the barn. Luckily we have an old greenhouse that is not being used and is the perfect size for the coop. We spent part of Saturday removing the racks in the greenhouse, laying burlap as footings (with the hopes that we can shake them out to clean the coop) and moving the chickens to their new home.

photo 1 (5)
11 of the 13 packed up to move to their new home.

The second task we accomplished was mulching the garlic. We had gone round and round on what to use to mulch the garlic but in the end we decided to use straw because we could get it at a good price. We also took a few minutes to dig up a few cloves and check on the growth.  To our surprise they already have a great root structure started.

photo 6 photo 1 (6) photo 5 (4)

Finally in the evening we came in to work on a few indoor projects. I finished painting my bead board and Ross sanded our rustic beam mantel we picked up earlier in the day at the Millwork Outlet. At about 10:00PM he came in to show me the finished project and it was amazing! We were so excited we decided to put it up. After a long day we were both tired so I couldn’t blame Ross when he accidentally dropped a chunk of wood on our coffee table and broke the glass (I wasn’t too mad because it already had a crack in it that I made). I guess that just means that I get reorder the glass that I have been putting off for six months. See what did I tell you, even on accident we got something accomplished!

And finally, on Sunday we took a break from all that working and met my family in the mountains to hunt for Christmas trees (upcoming blog) and celebrate Ross’ youngest sister Ruby’s seventh birthday (complete with a three tiered hot pink cake)! I hope everyone else’s weekend was as productive and enjoyable as ours was and Happy Holidays!

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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