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Good Life: weekend rewind

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Today has been a near-perfect November Sunday: a sing-along drive through the bright, cold valley, a frigid walk to the shimmering Snoqualmie Falls, warming up with a maple bar and pumpkin pie at George’s bakery, returning home for a spiced cider and Wild Turkey cocktail (or two?) and some quality time with Kate, Leupold and my Hulu queue. A day altogether defined by it’s chills and thaws, in which time is unessential and a consistent search for warmth leads our way.

I hope that you and yours are similarly cozy and basking in the warm glow of each other’s company, a fireplace, and/or bourbon. Actually, forget the “or”-  you should most definitely grab some bourbon.

Some links to keep you satiated ’till next we meet:

My apologies to your bank account. 70% clearance at H&M online leading up to Black Friday.

It’s not easy being gluten-free on holidays. If you’re hosting a Celiac’s disease-ridden relative or a persistent follower of the Paleo tribe, make this instead.

As if the pilgrims’ original slight (ya know, that whole thing about starting a brand new country that turned out to be the best and biggest empire of the modern world?) was not enough, this week’s Letters of Note has another burn to the Brits.

Disagree with that earlier statement about the U S of A? So does Uncle Joey.

And finally, in honor of what would have been Nanny and Poppi’s 67th wedding anniversary, this couple’s secret to their very long and happy marriage.

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