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A new season for our blog: Simple Goodness

The Dairy Queens started as a way for Kate and I to share our goat stories with the world. Our first blog post showed Kate and Ross building our first grooming stanchion  over a year and a half ago. Since our first post our goat herd has tripled, Kate has become a season goat showlady, our farm has moved and our lives have gotten even more busy. Like young girls often do, Kate has been spending less time video blogging with her goats and more time hanging out with friends, playing team sports and living the life of a soon to be teenager. So, while Kate will still be helping us blog on occasion I have called in back up.

Of course, my go to girl is our middle sister Belinda. Belinda is four years younger than I am and is a true wordsmith. Like myself, Belinda spends much of her free time remodeling her home, attempting DIY projects, and unlike me, making delicious treats in her kitchen. A technical recruiter by day and now a master blogger by night Belinda will help keep me in line and make sure I post at least once per week and will help fill in the areas of my blog that I just don’t get the time for with the farm. So, in the next few weeks you will notice a few changes with the blog as we figure out our new direction.

The most obvious change to the blog is the name. While Kate and I will still refer to one another as the Dairy Queens (it’s so catchy) we decided to go with a blog name that defined us as a whole family. As many of our readers know our Nanny recently passed away at the young age of 93. She was a true inspiration to all of us and helped shape our lives in so many ways (you can read my tribute to Nanny HERE). At her funeral the priest told a story of how my Poppi (her partner in life for over 60 years) described Nanny as “Simple Goodness”. By definition simple goodness means “an easily understood favorable character” which is exactly what you got when you met my Nanny. While we know we will never be as simply good as Nanny, it is something both Belinda and I strive for. I hope that this blog will remind me and my readers that no matter what project we take on (whether it be trying to create Belinda’s perfect caramels or raising a barn full of goats) we should always remember that simple is good.

As far as changes to the content, I will continue giving updates about the farm, share my experiences raising farmyard animals and will try to share as many DIY home improvement tips and tricks as possible. Belinda, being the kitchen and shopping goddess she is, will share her secret recipes and favorite frugal finds. We hope to get together every so often and attempt a craft or two to share with our readers, and of course, we will share some of our favorite places both near and far. And don’t you worry, Kate will stop in from time to time to share a video blog and update everyone on her busy life!

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.


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