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Barn Red

This last weekend was super productive on the farm. We are frantically trying to get things buttoned up before the rain comes which, considering we live in western Washington, could be any day now. Since we both have full time jobs and don’t have enough time for all the projects we hired Ross’ cousin Brandon and a few of his friends to scrape the old paint off the barn so we can apply a fresh coat of barn red. Before we hired the boys we did test the paint for lead, because teenage boys don’t really need any help losing brain cells 🙂

Most of the boys had not scraped paint in in their short 16 years on this planet so Ross gave them a quick lesson and let ’em loose. It was a tough job but the boys did great and got the project done in way less time than I thought they would.

I now understand exactly why farmers had so many kids to help with chores. It would have taken Ross and I days to get the project done on our own. After they were done they took a spin on the John Deere Gator and then counted their cash earnings!

Ruby, William and Mark (the cutest twin boys I was watching for the afternoon),  my grandma Nancy and my Aunt Debbie also came over to help me paint the barn doors we got at the Millwork Outlet . Actually, my Aunt Debbie and grandma just came over to visit but I put them to work because they are just so darn good at it! The kids watched for a while and then decided they wanted to help paint so we threw some of Ross’ work shirts on them, handed them a brush and took advantage of their enthusiasm. All eight doors got painted and are ready to be mounted as sliding barn doors in the coming weeks.


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