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Petunia the Goat Chicken

Petunia the Chicken!
The new babies like Petunia too!

Since the day we brought our chickens home I have noticed one chicken who just doesn’t seem to fit in my chicken clique. Whether the group is out free ranging looking for bugs in our yard, giving themselves dust baths or roosting in the coop at night, I have noticed I have one hen who is doing her own thing and is a bit of a misfit.

Lately, I have noticed that this hen has decided to move out of the chicken coop entirely and has taken up residence in the goat barn. When the rest of the goats put themselves to bed each night in the coop this hen goes straight to the barn and roosts all by herself on the center stall divider. In the morning she hops down into the goat stall and eats a bit of the goat grain (as much as the goats are willing to share) and then hops back on to her roost and watches over the herd. She started laying her eggs in the hay bails but recently has started building nests on a shelf on the wall so she can keep an eye on the goats. So far the goats are cooperative roommates. She is also incredibly friendly and each morning I give her a quick pet and on occasion she will check me out with a few pecks while I milk EB. I am starting to think this chicken thinks she is a goat and not a chicken after all.

Up until now we haven’t given any of our chickens names. Mostly because we can’t tell them apart. But for whatever reason I have started calling this hen Petunia. I have given up on forcing her to hang with the other chickens and now just let her live in the goat barn – her own little land of the misfits 🙂

Even my big eater Dozer shares his food with Petunia.
Even my big eater Dozer shares his food with Petunia.

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