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New Arrivals and Departures

Spring time is one of the busiest times on any farm. This week we had some “inventory” change over so we have some new aditions to the farm as well as a few farewells.

Goodbye Mr. Rooster 

Our Rooster, who didn’t stay long enough to get a name has been rehomed. We initially got the rooster to protect our hens and that he did! In the past week the Rooster had gone on an attack spree and no one was safe in the yard. One day I was chatting with my sister on the phone and going to the barn to feed the goats when I heard a swooshing sound. It was the rooster running across the yard FAST! I turned just in time and saw him coming at me with his talons out and his beak wide open. I screamed into the phone and ran as fast as I could, but not fast enough to escape his talons. I had a few scratches and a little bit of blood, but by the raucous I made I am pretty sure my sister thought I was being attacked by something much bigger and scarier and then just laughed when she found out it was just our pet rooster. My aunt, and occasional farm sitter has also had a few run ins with the rooster and Kate doesn’t go to the barn without a large stick! I told a friend about my attack rooster and he asked if he could have it as he is looking for attack animals of all kinds to keep some not so friendly humans out of his yard. He came and picked him up this week and now he has a new set of hens to protect and humans to terrorize!

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Goodbye Jasper and July 

Yesterday we said goodbye, kinda, to Jasper and July, EB’s kids born on March 28 2013. Jasper and July went to live with Ruby Faye (Ross’ little sister). At their new home they have two miniature donkeys, Elmer and Danny and an Alpine Goat, Ellie. Ross’ dad built them quite the set up and they have the cutest barn to live in. When we dropped them off Ellie was very happy to see them and jumped around like crazy. They spent a while checking out the new barn and getting to know their humans and then cuddled down together. I am very happy they went together and we can still see them when we visit Ross’ dad’s house. They will be loved that is for sure.

EB is still adjusting to not having her babies with her although she had already started to wean them herself. She cried for a while waiting for them to come home but I think it won’t take long for her to move on. With no babies on EB it means I will now be milking twice a day until Kate shows at the Puyallup Fair in September.

Welcome Brie and Dallas 

On Sunday Ross and I went to pick up the newest members of the herd, Dallas (mostly brown) and Brie (mostly white). Dallas and Brie are two Nigerian Dwarfs from Hidden Circles Farm in Enumclaw, where Dozer is also from. We love getting Hidden Circle Farms goats because they do well in the show ring and they are incredibly friendly. Brie and Dallas are adjusting to their new home rather well. The bummer of joining the herd as youngesters is that they automatically go to the bottom of the pecking order so they are in the process of learning where they fit in the social order of the barn. Sade is feeling pretty proud because she was the bottom of the pecking order and now she has someone to boss around. Luckily they have each other to hang out with so they seem happy enough. We are trying to spend at least 30 minutes with each one so they are nice and friendly and know who their humans are!

Welcome Gator

And just to make sure Ross wasn’t left out of all the fun, he brought home a new toy this week. He has been searching Craigslist for about a year now and finally found a John Deere Gator with a hydraulic lift! No more wheel barrow pushing for us! Cleaning stalls will be so much faster and way more fun with this new toy! We took it for a few spins around the neighborhood and used it to load our bird baths during the move. I am so thankful for boys and their toys!

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  • Cheri

    This is so exciting! New goats and a toy for Ross…perfect! Dallas and Brie look like great additions to your growing herd of farm critters….really unusual markings. Can’t wait to see them in person.
    So happy Ruby has the babies:)

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