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Memorial Day: Dogs and Dancing

This memorial day we decided to avoid the horrendous traffic over I-90 and stay home and get some projects done. Ross has been working on a new lawn mower he bought that of course doesn’t run. It’s a gas engine rather than his preferred diesel engine so it’s taking longer than he thought and the grass is starting to get out of control. Word quickly got out that we were staying home for the long weekend and soon the phone calls came in looking for a dog sitter for the weekend. We ended up with four dogs for the weekend, my aunts Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix Bruno, my cousin’s Pit Bull/Lab mix Mia, my sister’s Lab Leupold and our very own Blue Heeler, Pearl.

The dogs were all pretty well behaved except Bruno kept sneaking off into the woods, Leupold wouldn’t stay out of the creek, Pearl wouldn’t stop licking Leupold’s face and Mia got nervous and wouldn’t eat her food.  To help entice Mia to eat her food I cracked one of our farm fresh eggs into her bowl. She loved the raw egg and ate her food to get all the egg out of the bowl. Since she has a very difficult time keeping weight on I figure the extra protein will only do her good. I have also heard it helps keep their coat healthy and shiny!

Since our yard isn’t fenced I spent a lot of time outside playing fetch and making sure they stayed in the back yard. I also used one of Pearl’s favorite treats, peanut butter covered bones, to keep them entertained. They were a smashing success with all of the dogs except Bruno who was too small to pick up the bones and wasn’t very interested in the peanut butter.

On Sunday we made our way to Cumberland, WA for the Bob Pell Memorial Day party. Bob Pell of Auburn Valley Collision puts on an annual dance party where he converts  his shop into a dance hall, invites some of the best country bands in the state and has a party to benefit a local charity. This year the proceeds went to the Snowball Express, a charity that hosts all expense paid events for the widows and children of fallen military heroes.

Because we still had three of the four dogs in the car we didn’t get to stay long but luckily we stayed long enough to learn about an interesting game called Chicken Shit Bingo. The game, which raises money for the cause, consists of chickens running around in a cage with a bingo floor for a set time limit. Each person pays for a square and the square with the most poop at the end wins part of the pot. The game was brought here by way of Austin, Texas’ famous bar Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon and the Pell Party crew has adapted it ever so slightly to make the game a little faster and raise even more money (watch the below video to see Chicken Shit Bingo played in Austin, Texas). We got a chance to talk to the designer of the bingo pen and are pretty sure that we will build one of our own one day!

We also got to watch some oh so talented dancers boot scoot around the dance floor to the very talented Broken Trail band and the Double Back Band.  The highlight of my night was when the rain started pouring down and a few brave souls started dancing in the rain (something my dad always encouraged me to do) while others took cover under the carport and started an  impromptu dance lesson. A couple of teenagers and even a few youngsters partnered up with each other and more experienced dancers to learn the different steps of the cha cha. It was awesome watching mothers back-lead their sons, guys teaching other guys how to lead and young girls letting the novice boys lead them around the dance floor. As a country dancer myself, I often get asked how I learned to dance. Parties like the Pell parties, which I attended lots of going to school in Montana, along with growing up dancing with my dad (a great dancer) is how I learned. I wish my community had more gatherings where people danced with neighbors and children got to watch their parents dance and join in on the fun. I am thankful that the Pell’s offer that kind of fun for their community and will continue to support their parties and charities! If you would like more information on Bob Pell’s parties I would recommend joining the Seattle Country Happenings Facebook page where Bob is a frequent contributor and all his parties are advertised.

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