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Venise’s Blog: Cheap Cheap Chicken Feeder

Whenever you start a new adventure it is best at assume you will make a rookie mistake or two. When we bought our chickens we made a few rookie mistakes. The first was when we showed up with a dog kennel to pick up the chickens. The next was when we went to feed store and bought brand a new shiny chicken feeder and chicken water fountain.  Sure we were in a pinch and had to have some way to feed and water our chickens, but the feeders at the store are just way too expensive if you have your own tools and a little ingenuity.  After a bit of searching I ran across a chicken feeder design from a man not far from us in Kent, WA that was super easy and would end up costing a whole lot less than the $70 I spent at the feed store. The feeder and fountain are made from 5 gallon buckets (which are way bigger than the canisters they have at the store), bucket lids, and oil pans. As far as tools go, we used a 1/2″ and 1″ paddle bit and a couple of screws which we already had. It took at total of about 30 minutes. The total cost was about $30. The key to keeping the cost low is in the oil pan. At the auto parts store the pans cost about $15. At the John Deere dealership they cost $10. At our local feed store they cost $5. In this case it paid to do some price checking. After we built our feeders we returned the expensive feeders and used the money to buy 4 more bags of feed! 🙂

How to build your own Chicken Feeder:

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How to Build your Own Chicken Water Fountain:

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