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Venise’s Blog: EB Kidded!

At 3:30 AM EB finally had her kids. She had been in active labor since 7:00PM. We took turns sitting with her until 1:00AM and then finally went to bed, but we still got up and checked her every hour. We checked her at 2:45AM and she had not progressed any further. Then at 3:30AM I checked the barn camera and noticed a large dark spot next to her hind end. I got Ross up and woke up my mom and Kate who were sleeping over so they didn’t miss the excitement. When we got out there there EB had just finished delivering a small doeling. The doeling was not moving and EB was not making any effort to clean her off. I grabbed her right away and started to clear off the amneotic fluid. I swung her by her hind legs to try to get any fluid out of mouth. I also put my finger in her mouth and tried to open it, but it was stiff.  It was then that I realized we had lost our first kid.

I then turned my attention to EB who was actively trying to push out her second kid. She still had her “bubble” intact from the first kid and was trying to push the second bubble out but was having difficulty. I went ahead and popped both bubbles for her and things started moving along much faster. The second kid came out in the preferred, front hooves first, position and EB didn’t have any difficulty delivering him. We cleaned him off right away but he was still having trouble breathing. We used our handy bulb syringe to suck the fluid from his mouth and nose and he started to take small gasps of air. We swung him from his hind legs which really helped get things moving. As soon as we put him down EB went to town cleaning him off and nudging him along. As soon as I was confident he was going to be okay I turned my attention back to EB and noticed her third kid was already half way out with his hind legs coming out first.

The third kid came out very fast and he came out kicking! We swung him by his hind legs just to make sure he didn’t have a bunch of fluid in his mouth and rubbed him real good, but for the most part just let EB take care of him. It didn’t take him long at all to start moving around. Both kids came out ready to nurse and it wasn’t even an hour from the time we went out there to the time the bucklings were up moving around searching for some food. EB did a fantastic job delivering her babies! We were really bummed that we lost the little girl but we are very happy to have two healthy bucklings who are cute as can be. We learned so much and now are totally addicted to having kids!

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.


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