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Venise’s Blog: EB’s Udder

This week we rearranged the barn and made room for our stanchion so that EB can eat by herself. Pregnant does need extra protein in the month prior to kidding since 70% of the kid growth is supported during this time. Our wethers (castrated male goats) cannot have extra grain as they are more susceptible to urinary stones which are often times fatal. EB is now getting used to getting on the stanchion by herself and eating from the grain bin. Having her eat here is also getting her used to standing on the stanchion so that when we need to milk her she will be used to getting up, eating and hopefully holding still (although I have some serious doubts on the latter).

Today while she was eating I took the opportunity to take a picture of her udder that is developing. We started to see a change in her udder at about 3 1/2″ weeks and it keeps getting bigger. Originally, we thought of doing a pregnancy test just to give us some reassurance that she was definitely bred. However, once her udders started developing we knew that she was indeed bred and so we decided to save our money and spare EB having blood drawn. The stanchion also helps me check her daily and I spend a little extra time petting her and getting used to being touched everywhere. Last night I bumped her right side a bit and could feel movement bumping back. There is definitely a kid or two in there waiting to get out!

EB Udder

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