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Video Blog: Pearl’s Tricks

Pearl and I just graduated from beginning obedience class, We spent seven weeks learning how to sit, stay, down, heel and a few other fun tricks. She loved class and was VERY enthusiastic so we are going to advance to Intermediate obedience next week. Pearl has a very strong drive to obey and loves working on new tricks and skills. From day one I have been clicker training her. It didn’t take her long to catch on to the clicker and it has been super helpful. She is one of the easiest dogs to train because she very much enjoys working. Her rewards are usually cheese or steak, but she will also work for a quick pet just because she likes it.

When I got her I had a goal to teach her how to get a beer out of the refrigerator.  I saw a few dogs do it on YouTube and thought it would be a fun party trick. We have been working on it for about four months (very sporadically). Ross told me that if I can get her to do it from the couch he will give me $100. We are getting closer. She now has all the pieces (open the fridge, fetch the beer and close the fridge) and just needs to work on putting it all together without reminders in between. I am very proud of the progress she has made so I decided to show off her skills now even though it’s not yet perfect. Hopefully in a few more months I can post the finished product. I would love to hear about what kinds of tricks other dogs can do! Leave a comment!

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