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Venise’s Blog: Getting Ready for Kids

As of now, EB should be about 3 1/2 months pregnant. As far as I can tell she is either putting on weight on her sides OR she is pregnant.  Based on a few changes I have seen in her behavior (laying down more frequently and acting more tired than usual) and the fact that she waddles and has shown some slight udder and teat development I am assuming he is pregnant. We decided not to do a blood test and just wait it out since we are fairly sure she is pregnant and we don’t yet know how to draw blood (new goat owner probs). If she is pregnant we have about a month and a half to get ready for kids so we are focusing on getting our supplies and barn ready and learning everything we can about the process.

Many of the families in our 4H club have already started kidding including our 4H leader, Judy Bevaart who has an outstanding herd of Nubians (Blossom Thyme Diary Goats)  and is an expert kidder. At our last 4H meeting Judy did a fantastic job of helping the club get ready for the kidding season. She went over all the items she has in her kidding kit (along with a description of how to use everything for us newbies). She also provided us with some helpful handouts on the different presentations of kids. Judy  referred us to a website that has amazing drawings of the differentkidding presentations as well as information on necessary kidding kit items.  I am so incredibly thankful to have Judy as a resources as we prepare for our first kids.

As we get closer to EB having her kids we have also turned to YouTube for How To videos on goat kidding (we have found we can use YouTube to figure out how to do pretty much anything). In fact, Ross and I spent most of the night yesterday, Valentines Day, on the couch watching the videos, a romantic evening to remember! There are a lot of good ones on there, but the most helpful one (below) shows a Pygmy goat that is having a difficult time delivering and needs help. Having to pull a kid is by far the scariest part of kidding so it helped watching the video and seeing an example of how to pull and what to do afterwards (the guy in video is obviously a newbie as well and has a hard time yanking on it). The video is a bit graphic so if birthing videos make you queezy you may not want to watch. One thing for sure…I will make sure to have a bulb syringe aspirator in my kidding kit! I also spoke with my aunt about the delivery process (she is a nurse in labor and delivery) and she offered to come and help if she isn’t working. I figure if she can get human kids out safe, goat kids should be a breeze, but of course we will have our vet’s number on hand just in case. Wish us luck!

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