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Venise’s Blog: King County Fair 2012

We just got home from our first ever King County Fair in Enumclaw. We took EB, Dozer and Ryder. Dozer rocked his Pack Goat class and Pack Type class. Again, he beat out quite a few bigger goats for a second place finish in the class.  Ryder was shown by another member of our club since Kate can only show one goat per class and Dozer and Ryder are always in the same class. Ryder did great and placed fourth overall.  Kate and EB competed in their first real fit and show class. The class took much longer than the first one they competed in at the Junior Spring fair which made EB antsy. She ended up breaking free from Kate’s lead and we had to run to catch her 😉 Kate had to be reminded a few times to not step behind her goats to switch sides but at the end of the weekend it finally stuck. Kate and the goats received blue ribbons in all their classes and EB took Grand Champion in the junior yearling dairy goat class. Having received all blue ribbons, Kate qualified to go to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup in September. We are excited to see how the goats do next to some tough competition.

At the end of the fair we had to clean up our area which included moving all the pens and tossing the dirty bedding into the dumpster. The dumpster got a bit full so we recruited the girls to jump in the dumpster to pack the shavings down. They had a BLAST jumping in the “poop trampoline” so naturally I had to take pictures which I have included below. As you can see we love our 4H group and have a lot of fun!

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