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Video Blog: Practice Makes Perfect

The goats and Kate will make their first show debut on May 4th at the Lewis County Youth Fair. E.B. and Kate will be in the Fit and Show class while Dozer and Ryder will try out the Pack class. A Fitting and Showing class is judged on the confirmation of the animal and showmanship of the exhibitor. The Pack class is for animals who are trained to pack equipment while hiking. Because Dozer and Ryder are both wethered males, they are not able to show in the Fitting and Showing class. Although we have never actually tried to hike with the boys, we didn’t want to leave them at home so we decided to give the pack class our best shot.

We have been working leading with all the goats and some are definitely better than others. Before the fair we figured we should up the ante and throw some obstacles their way. Kate did a great job introducing the obstacles and persuading them to try them out. In all honesty they wanted NOTHING to do with most of the obstacles at the beginning, but Kate stood her ground and eventually they learned the path of least resistance led to treats…and our goats will do almost anything for treats! Here is a video of  one of the training sessions. Enjoy!

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