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Venise’s Blog: Homemade Stanchion

Today Kate and Ross took on the task of building a stanchion. We have been meaning to build a stanchion for a few months but just kept putting it off. But today we had our tools out and the goats were getting tired of practicing for the first show so we decided it would be a good time to mark it off our to do list.

A stanchion is a super useful tool in theĀ care takingĀ of goats. A stanchion holds the goat while you groom, clip, vaccinate, milk and otherwise mess with the goats. We of course reward the goats with a little treat while in the stanchion so they don’t really mind or sometimes even notice they are being held on the stanchion.

We made our stanchion out of a wood box we have had in their stall. It was a handy me down gift from the cats. Ross had originally made the stanchion as a hiding place for the cats in the barn. However, the cats prefer to climb trees and lay around on the hay so they rarely used it so we gave it to the goats to climb. It is one of their favorite spots in the barn and now it has the added bonus of being super helpful.

Kate was a great helper! She helped sand the stanchion so it was nice and comfy for the goats. And as you can see in the pictures she was the first one to try it out!

kate stanchion stanchion build

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