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Simple Goodness Syrups: Marionberry Mint & a Garden Mule cocktail

Simple Goodness Syrups have launched, shipped, and wowed their first customers. After a humorously inefficient first shipping process (picture 8 months pregnant Venise carrying an armful of boxes into fedex twenty minutes before closing, and the lady behind the counter looking wary at best) the […]

Simple Goodness Sisters Presents Simple Goodness Syrups!

Simple Goodness Sisters Presents Simple Goodness Syrups!

We’re launching online sales of our Simple Goodness Syrups. This moment is about 2 years, or 30 years in the making, depending on your perspective. Appropriately, this new venture of ours is launching the week of International Sisterhood Day. My sister and I have been […]

A Fan Favorite: The Genevieve

A Fan Favorite: The Genevieve

Our friends are as much a part of our success as our family and this fan favorite Happy Camper Cocktail original recipe is in honor of one of our besties, Genevieve. Genevieve was one of the OG Happy Campers who offered her critique on everything from the Happy Camper logo to the cocktail menu and this recipe is one that she insisted we put on our menu at our very first event. It was recently featured on as a feature cocktail. It can be a little complex with the Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup, but our already bottled Rhubarb Vanilla Bean simple syrup makes this fancy cocktail a breeze!

The Genevieve 
Makes 1 cocktail

2 ounces Batch 206 Counter Gin
1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice
1/2 ounce Simple Goodness Sisters Rhubarb Vanilla Syrup*
1 ounce brut sparkling wine
Garnish: thin slice rhubarb

Combine the gin, lemon juice and syrup in a shaker of ice, shake for 20 seconds or until the outside of the shaker is chilled. Strain into a coupe glass and top with the sparkling wine. Garnish.

Tarragon and Quince Cocktail Recipe

Tarragon and Quince Cocktail Recipe

The Tarragon is currently reaching the end of it’s productivity in the herb garden on the farm but before it goes there is still time to enjoy it’s licorice tangy flavor in a cocktail.  If you are growing tarragon in your garden, you will want […]

Belinda’s dispatch from the road: Happy Camper Cocktails’ summer 2017

2017-2018 was, excuse my language, a helluva year. It was a BIG year of growth for me,  personally and professionally, with Happy Camper Cocktail Company. On a professional level, there were weddings that made me laugh, cry, and over-caffeinate. We did our first brand promotion […]

Floats for the Fight: Wilkeson Handcar Races

Washington state is filled with small towns that were once booming logging, coal mining and railroad towns. One of our favorites, Wilkeson, is just 5 minutes down the road from us in the foothills of Mount Rainier. Along the route to the Northwest entrance of Mount Rainier, Wilkeson has a population of 486 full time residents and relies heavily on the support of tourists who travel through the town on their way to hike along the Carbon River or Mowich Lake.

One of the best weekends to visit Wilkeson is during the annual Handcar Races. On the third Saturday in July of every year local teams race railroad handcars on an old railroad track in front of a crowd at the historic coke oven park. In addition to the races, the town hosts a parade, street dance and food and vendor fair.

This year the Simple Goodness Sisters and the Happy Camper will be there serving up the fanciest root beer floats you have ever seen to raise money for a family that is near and dear to our hearts and can use all the emotional and financial support we can give them as they help their little man, Hunter fight brain cancer (follow the Hunter Strong Facebook group for more details). The Simple Goodness Goats will also be on location greeting visitors and checking out the action.

If you are in the area this weekend make sure you add this event to your list of things to do! And if you are ever planning a trip to Mount Rainier make sure you leave time to support the small businesses in Wilkeson and drive up to the equally as beautiful, yet way less busy and touristy northwest side of the mountain!

For a special glimpse into the Handcar Races, check out the below promo view the local water hole put together and the recipe for our famous floats is below.

Floats for the Fight: 


2-4 Tablespoons of Simple Goodness Simple Syrup (your favorite flavor)

Seltzer Water

2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream


Add ice cream to large glass

Pour seltzer water over the ice cream to the top of the glass

Pour simple syrup (to taste) over the top of the ice cream and mix

The answer to the question: What are you going to do now?

If I ever write an autobiography, June 16, 2017 will be the end of part one because that is the first time I truly felt like a grown up. Ironically, it is also the day I quit my “grown up” job. Never before have I […]

First Arrival: Sade’s Baby Goats

First Arrival: Sade’s Baby Goats

The time is FINALLY here! We welcomed our first baby goats yesterday! In years past we have always kidded in April and May, but this year our buck’s schedule was pretty full so we waited until January to breed the girls which meant that our […]

Birthday dinner for our favorite, Kate!

Kate hasn’t been around on this blog much lately, despite being one of its founders. Way back when, Simple Goodness blog was created as the Dairy Queens, meant to detail the adventures of our little sister Kate in 4H. She began the adventure by showing and caring for Venise’s first couple of goats, EB and Dozer. She’s been showing in 4H ever since and even rose through the ranks recently to be the president of her club. She’s won plenty of ribbons, shaved and washed plenty of goats and welcomed many new kids to the herd. Through this passing of time, she has also grown into a super pretty, delightfully clever and fantastic baby-watching 15 year old.

Her birthday is today, May 17th. I won’t wax on sentimentally for too long about her birth when I was 13 and Venise was 17, how at first it seemed her tongue was too big for her mouth because it was permanently tasting the air, how her vocabulary grew faster than her pretty brown curls, or how her delight for life and “only child” independence made her so fun to raise alongside our mother. But I must tell you about how cool the 15 year old Kate Jacqueline Adair is. With 4 older half-siblings and big age gaps, Kate has had the best of both worlds growing up- a big family to teach her about scarcity, competition, and chaos; and the peace and pleasure of her parents’ sole attention for most of the week. She is thoughtful and introspective, but welcoming of new adventures and friends. She is smart, not as smart as me, but smarter than your average bear. Moreover, she is wise. For all of trials and experiences she has had in her young life, she has emerged a more open, loving, and strong person.

She is the Friday night babysitter behind our sanity and our business errands. She is a voice of constant encouragement and ironic jokes. She is a pretty bad cook but persistence has paid off and she makes a decent egg scramble after sister sleepovers. She is the best person to watch the Office with. She is Henry and Deyton’s favorite. She has an excellent taste in music, encouraged by all of us but definitely curated on her own. She has the best hair. She has been conquering her fears one by one as she has grown, from sledding hills to roller coasters to utter embarrassment at our hands in public places. We pushed her down several sledding hills and berated her into trying new things and she has not held it against us permanently. She is certainly better for having had our influence, but really we are the thankful ones. We are so thankful and proud to call this quirky and relatable girl our sister and aunt to our babies, who adore her more than all other humans on earth.

Kate hasn’t been on the blog a lot lately but she deserves the spotlight more than any of us. She is so worth celebrating, so please join us in celebrating this human today!

always a mess of people, dogs & babies around here
always a mess of people, dogs & babies around here
Love her!
Love her!

Happy Mother’s day: an ode to stepmoms

Mother’s Day is a busy day for us because we are blessed to have a lot of moms in our lives. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how our grandmother’s inspire us and we have talked about what our awesome mama did so […]

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